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ORIGINAL FOOD has been supporting since 2003 through an integrated and sustainable development project in the regions of Kaffa and since 2016 also Sheka in southwest Ethiopia. In addition to our main project in Ethiopia, we are also involved also in other regions, currently in Ecuador and Nepal. Local smallholders and their families take advantage of the natural. To enable resources in the long term while at the same time. Preservation of vital rainforests is still at the center of all ORIGINAL FOOD activities to this day. 


Our coffee wild coffee has been delighting connoisseurs all over Europe for over 15 years. Kaffa wild coffee is Fairtrade certified and complied with fully complies with the strict requirements for an organic product from the pure wild collection as well as the Naturland guidelines. For many, the specialty from the rainforest is now the best coffee in the world.

Original Food Coffee

Our products are characterized by their originality. They arise directly from projects, some of which we collaborate with also implement with other institutions and associations. We support smallholders comprehensively and directly in producing countries, help to preserve their living space, and enable long-term future prospects. 

Our hand-picked wild coffee specialties come from the Ethiopian region of Kaffa, the original home of all coffee. Here in southwest Ethiopia, Coffea Arabica still ripens wild in the rainforest today, as it has for tens of thousands of years. Thanks to ideal, natural growth conditions and low harvest yields, a unique aroma is concentrated in the wild arabica beans.

Our wild coffee specialties are Fairtrade certified and meet the requirements for an organic product from a pure wild collection. And they also bear the Naturland Fair seal.

Bonga Red Mountain

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