A coffee maker is not a machine, but a handheld device for preparing coffee. Coffee lovers can enjoy a plethora of different equipment.

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This practically outdated method experienced a new hype in 2016, not only because of its unusual design but also because the coffee specialties prepared using the siphon are so good. Combining different types of coffee, you can create a coffee that you and your guests have yet to taste. For friends with great taste and coffee connoisseurs, coffee in a coffee siphon is a real richness, and also perfect for lovers of sophisticated mobile filters and filter coffee tasting experiences.

How does such a siphon actually work?

Such a system initially seems to work like magic. But the laws of physics are perfectly enforced just to experience a great-tasting coffee. Coffee siphons are usually based on a heat source. There is a balloon-shaped glass flask on top that absorbs hot water and heats it further. Now place a second container over this flask and seal with a rubber seal and paper filter. It is connected to the lower piston through a riser. The heat creates water vapor from the water, which rises and settles in the upper vessel. Heat and evaporation create negative pressure in the lower flask. When the liquid in the lower flask has evaporated, pour the freshly ground coffee into the upper vessel and stir. A little patience is required now so that the coffee can develop its aroma. If you remove the heat source now, the negative pressure in the lower flask will draw the liquid back into the filter. The result is an excellent coffee with a variety of aromas.

What should you pay attention to when preparing coffee in the Coffee Siphon?

There are different versions of this device. From simple variants of stoves to complex systems from Hario and other well-known manufacturers, these systems are free to set and beautifully designed. In any case, it's important - especially with premium coffee beans - to grind them beforehand for the best aroma. Since coffee will be soaked in water for a while, it should be ground with a medium-coarse grind. This prevents the bitterness from precipitating too much. The power of the heat source is also important. After pouring the coffee into the water, the heat should be lowered slightly. Water containing ground coffee should not start to boil. This will destroy too much flavor. This temperature behavior can be easily and quickly adjusted using products such as the Hario TCA of various models. Here, supplier Hario has clearly been ahead for years.

How many cups can be prepared with a coffee siphon?

Due to the variety of variations, it is difficult to answer such a question precisely. Modern and currently particularly popular equipment often allows three or five cups to be prepared at the same time. Therefore, coffee siphons are perfect for many different occasions and ideal for social gatherings.

Important details about the Coffee Siphon

First of all, it is, of course, important that you have comprehensive information about the product. Many issues can easily be clarified in advance. The various filters of the product are powerful and reliably prevent the settling of ground coffee or other suspended solids in the coffee. In addition, the accessories section has a lot of articles, which can be repaired when damaged without any problems. New cans and pistons and suitable seals can be found. Therefore, such a system can be easily and easily used for a long time. Compared to fully automatic coffee machines, high-performance coffee siphons are also reasonably priced, considering the number of cups possible and effective, especially delicious preparation rituals, best paired with matching coffee cups to ensure a real treat.

Is every type of coffee suitable for preparation in the Coffee Siphon?

In principle, this question can be answered with "yes". Many types of coffee are even better at delivering their aroma thanks to new preparation methods, so even well-known coffee beans and baked goods can offer a new, unknown aroma. If you compare the taste of preparation in a fully automatic machine with preparation in a Hario siphon, there are often noticeable differences. Therefore, when it comes to preparing rare and aromatic blends using this siphon, many coffee lovers are very enthusiastic. This delight can be smelled and tasted and convinces foodies. Anyone who buys a coffee siphon can open up a whole new world of coffee flavors.