Portafilter Machines

Portafilter Machines

The connoisseurs among you who enjoy drinking coffee in restaurants or cafes will surely be familiar with the preparations for using a mobile filter.

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If you want to enjoy this delicious dish freshly prepared by the barista at home, you can also purchase a portable filter machine at Cafendo for private use.

Hot brewed coffee in just a few seconds: this is how the portafilter machine works

For those who like to enjoy freshly brewed coffee in the morning and celebrate the moment of preparation, the portafilter machine is a true technological marvel as it helps you to enjoy the perfect coffee in seconds. With your own mobile filter, the kitchen becomes a coffee bar with a real barista feel. The predecessor of the Portafilter coffee machine, the espresso machine, was developed in Italy in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Coffee makers are designed to rapidly process coffee grounds through a sieve under high pressure into a finished espresso.

A portafilter machine, on the other hand, is a special type of espresso machine that, as the name suggests, contains a portafilter fitted with a brewing sieve. The removable filter is attached to the brew group via a bayonet lock and is removed again as soon as the grounds are removed. The semi-automatic mobile filter machines available today not only work efficiently in terms of time and provide you with hot espresso or coffee cream in a fraction of the time but also provide you with pressure due to the fine work and temperature of the grinder Setting constant is also the best result in terms of taste.

Order high-quality portafilter machines now and have them conveniently delivered to your home

Whether you are looking for a quasi-professional mobile filter or a high-quality entry-level model for private use: choose your mobile filter from the Cafendo range today and enjoy your coffee like a professional. With our advice, especially the preparation in the portafilter machine, nothing can hinder the presence of a private barista. If you want to learn more about hand filter preparation and valuable tips, read our magazine article "How Hand Filters Work".