About us

Who is Cafendo?

A company made out of specialists in the field of coffee has set itself to develop the most complex catalog dedicated to this area, including the offer of the important names in the industry.

We invite you to discover the world of Cafendo!

We have created for all coffee lovers a virtual catalog that aims to include the famous brands in the world of espresso. We sought to cover the requirements of each market segment. Our promise is to offer the widest range of coffee in one place, quality, and specialty coffees at special prices for any type of coffee consumption.

The best coffee is suitable for every business!

In our catalog, you will find coffee beans and ground coffee, capsules, espresso makers, as well as numerous accessories that make the experience of coffee enjoyment a delight.

Cafendo is a trusted partner, who always puts the customer first, to meet the diverse demands of the coffee business. Whether you use coffee beans or coffee capsules, we offer a wide range for the most demanding tastes. We share the passion for premium and specialty coffee, we understand the right business and we have chosen to add a dash of inventiveness above.