ESE Pad Machines

ESE Pad Machines

The system was invented by Illy in the 1980s. ESE pads are pressed coffee pads that already contain ground and portioned espresso. Each cushion is individually packaged in a scent protection bag and surrounded by a very fine and neutral filter membrane.

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The ESE pod machine has more advantages than the classic hand-held filter machine that requires more practice to use: with the ESE pod machine you have lower acquisition costs, less water and electricity consumption, and you have to clean the pad machine Much less than the portafilter machines. The secret to flavor in these machines is called pressure, temperature, and pressure. Similar to portafilter machines, ESE pad machines can also be used with powerful brew groups and pump pressures up to 20 bar. Because of their convenience, they are sometimes considered the cleanest and easiest solution for preparing coffee in the office or salesroom. Because a few simple steps here are enough to make delicious espresso in no time.

Some ESE pad machine models

  • WMF Lumero Espresso: Compact and slim model, includes filter holder with 1 or 2 cups and ESE pod insert.
  • Severin Espresa Plus: Slim model with three inserts for preparing ground coffee or ESE pods.
  • Beem portafilter machines: models for 3 uses: ground coffee, coffee capsules, or ESE pods.
  • Gaggia portafilter New Classic: Italian machine for grinding coffee and ESE pods.
  • Lucaffé La Piccola: The original Italian espresso machine designed for ESE pods. Timeless design made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Lucaffé La Piccola Cecilia 2: The classic La Piccola model for ESE pods with two brew groups.

Finest coffee selection for ESE pods

Due to high demand, many top roasters now offer freshly roasted coffees that are encased in aroma-sealed ESE pods. At Cafendo you'll find a special coffee pod category so you can browse our range, discover and order your own favorite pod formats from the convenience of your home. Choose from our coffee pods of well-known brands such as Lucaffé, Millesoli, Segafredo, Danesi, or Lavazza for a wide range of practical pre-dispensed coffee in pod form. The practical thing about pads is that you can often try other types of coffee. Just put a pod from another coffee brand into your pod maker and you're ready to enjoy your coffee brand new.

La Piccola - an Italian espresso machine with that extra bit of convenience

"La Piccola" by Lucaffé is a very special pad machine. A few years ago, the founder of Italian premium coffee roaster Lucaffé Gian Luca Venturelli started dispensing his espresso in ESE pods. So he prepares the required amount of ground coffee and a cup of the right grind for his next coffee break. For this, he developed the perfectly coordinated ESE pad machine - La Piccola. This is optically noble, simple and practical, and easy to use. Materials such as glass, stainless steel, and aluminum make them particularly durable and strong. Anyone who prefers a Piccola with a particularly radiant look can also buy it in gold stainless steel.

Compact and perfect for travel

Another advantage of ESE pad machines is their size. Because they're so small and compact, not only do they fit in just about any kitchen, but you can also take them with you on your mobile home, cruise, or vacation. Here, Lucaffé has thought a step ahead and offered special protection. So if you want to protect your Piccola from possible scratches or dirt on the go, you can use the right travel bag. Made of high-quality and sturdy faux leather, it can safely transport the espresso machine, as well as hold two espresso cups and several ESE pads.

Discover ESE pod machines at Cafendo

Do you want a fresh espresso or cappuccino from Italy, but don't want to use an expensive machine and lots of accessories? Then an ESE mat machine might be just the thing for you. Discover a wide range of models from well-known brands in the rotisserie store and choose an ESE pod maker that precisely meets your needs. You should also order the right pods so you can use your new machine right away and enjoy a delicious fresh espresso.