Coffee production and consumption have increased in Nigeria. Nigerian coffee consumption increased by 5% in 2010, partly due to the growth of Nescafe mobile kiosks and a 37% market share in the instant coffee sector.

Nescafe products for Nigeria are manufactured in Ivory Coast and distributed in various locations in West Africa. Nestle holds over 60% of Nigeria's market share.

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In recent years, old coffee plantations in Nigeria have been rehabilitated, and old coffee plants rejuvenated, usually by decapsulating the plants to a height of about 1.5 meters.

There have also been new techniques used to propagate Robusta plants and over 110 varieties of Arabica coffee plants are being tested on the Mambilla Plateau in an effort to improve the country's coffee industry.

New methods of growing and fertilizing coffee plants are also being established in Nigeria to improve the yield of coffee plants, and a coffee marketing campaign strategy has begun to yield positive results.

Also, the improvement of the general quality was the adoption of the wet processing method of coffee cherries.