Coffee production in Venezuela began in the late 18th and early 19th centuries in the pre-mountain Shankar of the Andes Mountains. José Gumilla, a Jesuit priest, is credited with introducing coffee to Venezuela in 1732. Its production is attributed to high demand for the product, along with cheap labor and low land costs. It was first exported to Brazil. Coffee production in Venezuela led to the "complex migration" of people in this region in the late nineteenth century. Although Venezuela was ranked close to Colombia at one point in coffee production, until 2001, it produced less than one percent of the world's coffee.

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The best coffees in Venezuela are a class of coffees known as Maracaibos, named after the port through which they are shipped, they are grown in the western part of the country, near the border with Colombia.

Unfortunately, poor agricultural practices in the early twentieth century lead to soil erosion and a gradual decline of Venezuela's coffee industry. Increasing global dependence on oil has led to less interest in developing their agricultural trade, and coffee has suffered as a result. Yields are relatively low and without investment and effort to produce a rich coffee, they will probably remain low for years. In addition to all this, 2016 and 2017 saw a growing agitation and crisis within the government.

Maracaibo's coffees include several distinguished coffees, such as Trujillo, Tachira, and Merida, which feature classic qualities of Venezuelan coffee, including a sweet and slightly rich aroma with balanced acidity. These regions coincide with the Andes mountain ranges, providing high enough altitudes to slow growth and providing high-quality beans.

Tachira Coffee

One of the Venezuelan coffee classes in the Maracaibo class features classic qualities of Venezuelan coffee, including a sweet and slightly rich aroma with balanced acidity. Tachira is most similar to Colombian coffee, while Merida is more distinctive, with a sweet, light taste and delicate aromas.

Caracas Coffees

Caracas is also a class of coffees, and their quality varies from fair to excellent. The best quality of Venezuelan coffee, regardless of the name of the market, is Lavado Fino, which means "fine, washed".

Merida Coffees

One of the best coffees in Venezuela, Merida is distinguished by its light, sweet taste in a cup with delicate aromas. Merida is a market name, and the taste of coffee is characteristic of Venezuelan coffee. See also Venezuela Coffee.