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Welcome to the Martermühle

We are  Peter and Ralf. We love coffee. That is why we turned our hobby into a profession ten years ago and founded the  Martermühle. The name? This is the name of the district in which our coffee roastery is located. We thought: why not just call the child by name. 


Our promise: We take our time. Time for our coffee. 

It starts with finding exciting coffee beans around the world. We take the time to get to know the local farmers in order to offer you first-class coffee. We take time for mostly hand-picked coffee, so we ensure the highest quality. When the coffee sacks arrive at the Martermühle, we take time for slow and gentle roasting in the drum roaster. We at the Martermühle coffee roastery roast for up to 20 minutes. This is how acids break down and a unique and aromatic coffee is created. And that's exactly what the Martermühle coffee roastery is known for - unique coffee from our roastery. We also take the time to find the right and sustainable packaging without aluminum. We have chosen a European supplier.

An aroma valve protects the coffee. For reasons of cost, many manufacturers do without the aroma valve and only pierce a hole in the packaging. We say: good coffee deserves good packaging. And we keep looking for even more sustainable solutions.

With a total of 40 exciting roasts, every coffee fan is sure to find their favorite variety. Whether coffee or espresso, Arabica or Robusta - we will be happy to advise you. Be it online or on-site at our Martermühle in Aßling - between Munich and Rosenheim. In our beautiful café, the coffee bar and roaster, shop, and experience merge into a unique world of coffee.


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