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PachaMama roughly means "Mother Earth". She gives life and, as the goddess of fertility, is responsible for food and drink. The symbol of coffee means infinity and harbors the hope that this privileged coffee will stay with us forever.

Our PachaMama coffee smells of cocoa and almonds. Fine-spicy, full-bodied, balanced body, low in acidity. You can now buy this delicious coffee from us as a coffee pod.

BIO PachaMama – as a coffee pod

You can enjoy the exquisite taste of PachaMama coffee from Peru as a pad coffee. Not everyone has the time and leisure to brew their coffee. The possibility of being able to drink a delicious coffee at the touch of a button is becoming more and more popular and we would like to offer this coffee variant as well.

BIO PachaMama - Best origin and climate

In 2011, 50 coffee farmers founded the "Asociación de Agricultores Grano de Oro Miguel Grau" in Peru . The reason for this was the sometimes poorer quality of their larger cooperative. From this they got out and founded their own community.

The new organization is at an altitude with the best growing conditions. Here their top coffees can grow and thrive in peace Mineral-rich Andean soil, perfect microclimate and year-round water supply. The ideal conditions for your organic coffee PachaMama.

BIO PachaMama and direct trade

Direct Trade " is not a registered trademark, but it is comparable to Fair Trade. We have decided to go the trade route without intermediate stages with "PachaMama". We pay the farmers significantly more for the green coffee than the current market price. In this way we enable them to have a better standard of living.

We receive high-quality, top-class coffee from the farmers . The coffee has to meet the highest standards, we regularly check its quality. The farmers are paid personally, without going through intermediaries, i.e. direct trade.

In addition, the association finances social and ecological projects. Everything is transparent here , the contracts with the farmers and the flow of money. With the purchase of these organic coffee pods you are supporting a really good project and you are getting first-class quality.

Contents of the bag: 33 soft pads

These are  not  ESE pads!

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Fine fruits, caramel, vanilla
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