Cafendo aims to become the largest digital catalog for coffee. By empowering vendors to advertise their products to previously untapped markets, consumers will benefit from increased transparency and access to premium products.

The Cafendo digital catalog will empower vendors:

  • by providing them with exposure in previously untapped markets;
  • by allowing them to directly connect with distributors and consumers;
  • by supporting them with the technology and platform created especially for coffee.

Cafendo allows consumers to enjoy modern premium coffees:

  • by helping them explore, discover, compare, and purchase premium coffees outside of their country’s market;
  • by connecting them with vendors directly, through our platform;
  • by allowing them to support sustainable coffee production.

For this to be possible, the digital platform will employ modern technology to provide real-time feedback to vendors and reliable prices to consumers. By empowering both suppliers and end-customers with the necessary tools, Cafendo is going to be in the perfect position to leverage increasing demand for premium coffee as its engine for growth within its first 3 years.