Vienna Coffee Festival 2023 Sept. 8-10.

The Vienna Coffee Festival is a captivating and aromatic event that draws coffee lovers and enthusiasts from around the world to the heart of Vienna, Austria. This annual festival serves as a vibrant celebration of the rich and diverse world of coffee, em

Caramel Dates Frappe Coffee

To make a caramel dates frappe coffee, you will need the following ingredients:Freshly brewed coffee or espressoMilk (optional)Dates (pitted)Caramel syrup or caramel sauceIce cubesWhipped cream (optional, for garnish)Caramel drizzle (optiona

The cost of your coffee is on the rise – here is why!

Yes, it is true that coffee prices have been experiencing an increase in recent times. Several factors contribute to these price fluctuations, including supply and demand dynamics, weather conditions, production challenges, and economic factors.

Starbucks Café in Dubai Mall

Starbucks Café in Dubai Mall is a popular location within the largest shopping mall in Dubai. The Dubai Mall is situated in downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is one of the largest shopping malls in the world.

Surprising ingredient in the new Starbucks Oleato drink

Starbucks announced a new line of coffee drinks. They call it Starbucks Oleato. The beverages combine coffee with an unusual ingredient: extra virgin olive oil.

Coffee-flavored Christmas traditions around the world

Get ready for an exciting journey through coffee-flavored Christmas traditions around the world. In this article, we will take a tour among some of the countries that, during the holiday season, are distinguished by the most curious customs dedicated, pre

Number of coffee shops almost doubled in the past five years in Netherlands

The number of specialized coffee shops in the Netherlands has almost doubled since 2017. The number of lunchrooms also increased. This is evident from an analysis by ANP/LocalFocus based on figures from catering database Datlinq.


The power of a morning ritual is greater than you might think. A good start ensures relaxation as well as productivity. So you can start your work with the right focus. The ideal morning ritual will vary from person to person. Below are some tips and idea

Recycling coffee grounds: here’s how to clean the chimney

The winter landscape glimpsed through the window, family and friends gathered under one roof, a set table and a lit fireplace. What could be nicer?The least exciting moment comes at the end of the day, however, when friends leave, the fireplace goes out

Refrigerator or no refrigerator? False myths and truths about coffee storage

When we open a new packet of coffee, even before we see the dark, compact powder, we are hit by an unmistakable aroma that permeates our nostrils: strong, intense, full-bodied, assertive, and persistent.Especially when it's hot, when you don't finish it