The power of a morning ritual is greater than you might think. A good start ensures relaxation as well as productivity. So you can start your work with the right focus. The ideal morning ritual will vary from person to person. Below are some tips and ideas for inspiration. Try different things and find out what suits you best.

Wake up without your phone

Many people use their phones as alarm clocks. The disadvantage of this is that you are immediately distracted by all kinds of apps and notifications. That’s not a relaxing start to the day! Therefore, I prefer to use a separate alarm clock. One with a quiet melody or nature sounds as an alarm. A wake-up light is also a good purchase.

Water first, then coffee

We understand that you long for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Yet it is better to drink a glass of water first. After all, while sleeping, you lose a lot of fluids. Supplement this first with some water to stay hydrated. After that, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Exercise or meditate

Ideally, make time to do some exercise. You really don’t have to run for miles if you hate that. A small walk or some yoga exercises are fine. You can also follow a guided meditation or do breathing exercises to start the day relaxed. Do you really not have time for this? Then try working with affirmations. Say positive and encouraging words to yourself. You can do this with your eyes closed or while looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror with lighting.

Turn the shower cold

There is no need to stand under a cold shower for a long time. Enjoy the hot water first, and turn the shower to the cold setting only at the end. Cold showering has many benefits! Next, take the time to take care of your skin and face. Make sure your favorite creams and skin care products are always within reach. For example, in the mirrored bathroom cabinet or in the top drawer. This will make it easier to maintain the routine.

Take time for breakfast

Whether you eat a full breakfast or just prepare some fruit: really take some time for it. Eat breakfast without distractions from your phone, laptop, or television. This is immediately a good mindfulness exercise.

Start with the most important task

Once you are ready for the day, it is best to start with the most important task. You are still high in your energy and have a lot of focus. Save the simple tasks for late afternoon to maintain productivity.