Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is a style of coffee prepared using very finely ground coffee beans without filtration. Turkish coffee was discovered in the Kaffa region of southern Ethiopia in the early 14th century.

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Although it is known and loved by everyone, Turkish coffee is very important for our culture and is indispensable for the Turkish people. Because the Turkish people associate Turkish coffee with conversations with friends, as a morning pleasure, and during breaks during the day. Although making Turkish coffee is now quite easy thanks to automatic machines, the taste is really different when made in copper pots on a charcoal fire.

There is a lot to be said about Turkish coffee, but to shorten a long story, we want to talk about the characteristics and unknown facts of Turkish coffee, making it a very special coffee. Here’s what you need to know about Turkish coffee, one of the most important tastes of our culture.

Research on Turkish coffee shows that Turkish coffee has spread from southern Ethiopia around the world with its unique smell and taste. Özdemir Pasha, who served as governor of Yemen in 1517, tasted this coffee and brought it to Istanbul. This special flavor, which is now available in every restaurant, was brewed when it was first found. Later, the coffee beans were roasted and ground.

The first cafe opened in Tahtakale and soon spread throughout Istanbul.

After that, many cafes were opened in Istanbul, and the cafe was identified with pleasant moments, such as reading books, playing chess, and talking.

European were introduced to coffee through Turks

The Europeans clung to the Turkish brewing method and drank coffee just like the Turks. The aroma of the coffee comes from the fact that the coffee beans are fresh finely chopped and slowly boiled in the charcoal fire. Turkish coffee is also the only coffee variety served with ground coffee in the world.

The place of coffee in Turkish culture is quite different. Even the word “breakfast” means something eaten before coffee.

Turkish coffee is such that there is even a special time to drink it. It is usually drunk in the morning and between meals at noon. Even the word breakfast is derived from this moment.

Turkish coffee is the only type of coffee used to see the future.

Guessing is therefore a specific tradition of the Turks. This tradition has attracted the attention of the whole world for many years and continues to do so.

There is a reason why coffee is served with water.

According to superstition, if the guest drinks coffee first, it means that he is full and if he drinks water first, it means that he is hungry. However, the real reason is to wash the aroma of a recently eaten meal to fully taste the aroma of coffee. Contrary to popular belief, water that is served with coffee should be drunk first not later.

Because there’s a reason to serve the groom’s salty coffee…

The number one feature of a ceremony to ask for a girl’s hand in marriage is the groom serving salty Turkish coffee. Although there are many stories about this, in fact, in the past, women served salted coffee to men who did not like it and, on the contrary, coffee with a lot of sugar to those who liked it. Thus, the groom’s candidate finds out the girl’s thoughts. 🙂

Turkish coffee is the only coffee made without draining because the earth sinks to the bottom of the cup.

And it is very healthy because the earth is not consumed.

Turkish coffee, brewed with the oldest method of cooking in the world, stays warm longer due to its foam.

And because it is served in small cups with thin edges, it takes time to cool.

Turkish coffee is usually served with lokum (a Turkish delicacy). Because … According to superstition, people used to serve their lokum guests Turkish coffee as a way to claim satisfaction. If the guest eats lokum after drinking coffee, it means that he was satisfied with the way he was hosted. And if not, it means that the host is not satisfied with the way he hosted.

There are so many benefits of Turkish coffee for our health

Turkish coffee balances blood cholesterol levels. Increases the effectiveness of painkillers, helping the pain to pass faster. It helps prevent most heart diseases and is also very effective for the digestive system. It is especially useful for correcting bowel movements. It softens on contact with the skin (through massage, etc.) and is good for skin problems. The antioxidant offers great benefits in preventing serious diseases such as cancer. It also has an effect on increasing attention and clarifying the mind. It is also known to be good for headaches and bone aches.

However, if consumed too much, of course, it is very harmful.

When Turkish coffee is consumed more than 3 times a day, it can cause heart rhythm disorders. This is why people with heart disease should be careful when drinking Turkish coffee. Excessive coffee consumption can also cause blood pressure problems. Excessive coffee consumption increases diseases such as reflux, ulcers. Likewise, when diabetics consume coffee after meals; blood sugar levels rise much higher. Drinking too much coffee increases the risk of migraines. In addition, excessive coffee consumption negatively affects women in terms of fertility. Consumption during pregnancy and lactation is just as harmful. Turkish coffee, consumed very often, as in other coffees, prevents the absorption of beneficial minerals, such as iron. So, as with anything else, it is also necessary to act moderately in the consumption of Turkish coffee.