Senseo Pads

Senseo is a registered trademark for a coffee brewing system from the Dutch companies Philips and Douwe Egberts. The system is known for the coffee beans (called tampons in some countries) that it uses to make coffee.

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Senseo is a registered trademark that is used for a specific coffee brewing system like the ones from Philips. The first time the Senseo system was introduced was in February 2001 in the Netherlands, followed by Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. WeLL Design developed the Senseo, and according to Philips, in 2005, ten million machines and four billion pods had been sold worldwide.

The blends that can be found in a Senseo pod are mild, regular, Mocca, dark roast, and extra dark and there is also a decaffeinated variety. The blends differ, according to the general taster, in different countries. For example, unique blends, Colombia, Kenya, and Brazil are blended from arabica coffee that comes from selected plantations.

There are also coffee pods with added flavors, called Vienna, Rio de Janeiro, Sevilla & Marrakech. More varieties, of course, can be found in select European markets, like cappuccino, cafe choco, and espresso. For example, Douwe Egbert Senseo has launched a Hot Choco variety in Belgium and the Netherlands. In Germany, the latest launches for Senseo pods are the Guten Morgen breakfast blend and Caffee Crema, which is an Italian Blend and in France, Maison du cafe Senseo has launched Noir Subtil.

What are Senseo Coffee Pods? 

A Senseo coffee pod is the coffee-making filter paper pod that is equivalent to the teabag: it is a pre-portioned serving coffee that is wrapped in a paper filter, ready to be infused with water. The Senseo pod has to meet the standard of an ESE pod, which is the size of 44mm. Any pod that meets this standard can be used in any espresso machine that is ESE compatible. Before the Senseo pod used to have a 70mm diameter. 

A Senseo pod contains around 6.7 – 7.5 grams of coffee, which is an average weight because usually for espresso it is needed only about 7 grams. When brands release their Senseo coffee machines, they offer a range of soft coffee pods to go along with them. In time, Senseo pods expanded to please a wider audience. Senseo uses the same kind of classic filter paper that you would get for your electric drip coffee maker.

The key element of a coffee pod is convenience. The preparation of espresso requires skill, and it can be messy. Grinders have to be calibrated, and the coffee needs to be dosed and tamped correctly. Afterward, all the equipment and the workspace need to be cleaned. With a Senseo pod, there is no such thing as cleaning, and dosing the coffee because the pods are already pre-dosed and pre-tampered and the coffee grounds stay contained in the paper filter.

How to Use Senseo Coffee Maker?

Senseo is a pod-based brewing system developed by Philips Electronics that allows you to brew a single fresh cup of coffee instantly without leaving behind any messy coffee grounds or filters to clean up. The Senseo maker uses a proprietary pod system created by the Douwe Egberts company. The coffee pods come in flavors like Sumatra or Paris French Vanilla.

Remove the water reservoir from the rear of the machine, and after that, you will fill the reservoir to the minimum water line marked by a single coffee icon or a double coffee icon. Depending on how many cups you want to brew. Alternatively, you can fill the reservoir to the maximum fill line to make several cups without refilling with water, after that you need to replace the reservoir on the machine.

Press the power button centered on the lower front side of the Senseo and wait until the button’s indicator light stops blinking.

Lift the tab on the top of the machine and open the lid, place the single pod in the single pod holder if you want to brew a single cup. Or put two pods in the double potholder to brew two cups and set the filled pod holder into the center of the open Senseo, after that you will close the lid and lock the tab back into place.

Place a coffee cup under the Senseo’s left spout and if you are brewing two cups, place a cup under the right spout as well.

Press the button on the left side of the machine to brew a single cup and after you will push the button to the right of the power button to make two cups and you will wait for the Senseo to finish pouring the coffee before taking your cup.