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The story behind Green Cup Coffee

We want to question and challenge the standards of the coffee industry. we want bad coffee to be banned from homes, apartments, and offices. we want to show people what an Artisanal product coffee really is. We want people to enjoy coffee just as consciously as they do a good wine. Coffee is the most popular drink in Germany. It is therefore all of the more important to develop an awareness of coffee, to know its origin, and to understand the manual skills involved in harvesting, drying, roasting, and, ultimately, to prepare the coffee correctly.

Because, of course, good coffee means a unique taste experience, but it’s about more: about fair working conditions for coffee farmers and workers, about the complex roasting process and about ecological sense. That’s why we get our coffee directly from the farms, gently roasting in the traditional drum roaster, and pay attention to fair and natural cultivation completely without chemicals and pesticides. Our goal is to make a difference and make the best coffee available not just do a small group of society, but you as many people as possible. Transparent to the customers
add Green Cup Coffee you can trace every coffee back to the coffee plantation. As with a bottle of excellent red wine, with a Green Cup Coffee, you know exactly where the beans in each individual coffee come from.

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We only purchase high and gourmet coffee‘s, which our roaster Thomas carefully tastes and selects in advance. accordingly, the purchase prices that we pay for our beans are always above the World market price and even above the Fairtrade price.

Traditionally roasted

Thomas is a chef-certified coffee sommelier. His education makes him a globally recognized coffee expert with years of experience. All coffees at green cup coffee are gently roasted, At low temperatures, using the traditional drum roasting process.

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