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Well known from grandma's coffee table, filter coffee used to be drunk primarily as a symbol of the German economic miracle. Later, you quickly got yourself a coffee to go to wake up. Today the motives are completely different: You take your time again for the preparation in order to elicit the very special aroma from every bean. The number of lovers of »pour-over coffee« is constantly growing. Referred to as the »Third Wave of Coffee«, the followers of this wave are trying to make coffee a quality product again. It is no longer just drunk out of a paper cup on the go, but prepared and tasted with full dedication.


  • Curved and slightly raised ribs facilitate the swelling of the coffee powder and the lateral flow.
  • A changed angle of the funnel as well
  • a single, comparatively large opening at the bottom influences the direction and flow rate of the water.
There are no preparation suggestions
There is no aroma specified yet.


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Contents: Hario ceramic filter, coffee measure 

Manufacturer: Hario

Material: ceramic (enclosed coffee measure: plastic)
Care: dishwasher
Volume: 2 cups

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