Coffee Machines

These include coffee machines, as well as manual coffee machines, and coffee grinders, so you can grind your favorite fresh coffee beans anytime before brewing.

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Under the term coffee machine, not everyone understands a machine. Classic filter coffee makers have become commonplace in recent decades. At the same time, however, many new coffee machines have gained a foothold in the market. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and multiple functions. From the remote control of a cappuccino in the morning via a smartphone app to the automatic milk froth function of Latte Art Milk – the various coffee machines have been designed and set up to satisfy almost every wish a passionate coffee drinker could make of a machine. Likewise, some coffee drinkers swear by manual coffee machines that don’t require any power and reduce the entire coffee preparation process to a minimum.

Coffee machines types and models

From classic filter coffee machines, practical fully automatic coffee machines to the one Portafilter coffee machine in Italy, to prepackaged espresso capsules for ESE capsule coffee machines and capsule coffee machines – today, no matter how different, there is a suitable Every coffee maker model for everyday use. Each coffee machine offers different functions.

Are you wondering which coffee machine has which features are best for you? We cover the various electric coffee makers and their pros and cons. Nonetheless, we would like to introduce you to another coffee machine: the coffee grinder. But let’s get into the world of coffee machines first.

1. The filter coffee machine

It remains one of the most popular methods of brewing coffee. One of the many advantages of a filter coffee maker is of course the low cost – both when purchasing and when preparing your coffee. Due to the relatively simple overall design, filter coffee makers are also less prone to technical issues. Therefore, filter coffee makers usually last a long time.

2. The fully automatic coffee machine

Aromatic, practical, convenient: fully automatic coffee machines are often considered the best coffee machines. Because it provides coffee lovers with a comfortable, quick, and easy cup of freshly ground coffee beans. An all-in-one grinder, practical and preset brewing recipes, and maximum convenience for aromatic coffee, all say that a fully automatic coffee machine is a coffee machine. Therefore, if you do not have much time to prepare coffee or have several family members drinking coffee, we recommend a fully automatic coffee machine. Whether you prefer espresso, cappuccino, or latte macchiato – with the fully automatic machine, you can simply choose the brew recipe you want and let the machine prepare it at your convenience. Higher purchase prices are balanced by spending on coffee beans again. Would you like to be able to choose a different type of coffee in the morning? Then there is a problem with a model with a separate bean container.

3. The portafilter machine

An Italian classic and the world’s first espresso machine. Portafilter machines are one of the most popular types of coffee machines. No wonder it can almost always be found in cafes and restaurants. The Portafilter coffee machine is characterized by its unique espresso quality compared to other coffee machines. It is best suited for coffee drinkers who can especially enjoy and appreciate their freshly brewed coffee in the morning and also celebrate the moment of preparation. When preparing an espresso, the mobile filter is connected to the brew group and hot water is pressed through the ground coffee under pressure.

The espresso is extracted in the shortest time possible with an average pressure of 9 bar and a time of 25-30 seconds. The semi-automatic mobile filter machines available today not only work efficiently and can serve you hot coffee or cappuccino in a very short time, but also, thanks to the constant temperature, provide a quality aromatic drink.

4. ESE pad machines

Convenient coffee maker to enjoy pre-portioned coffee. Do you want a coffee machine that can prepare you everything from espresso to latte or cappuccino, but you don’t want an expensive machine and tons of accessories? Preparation should also be as quick and easy as possible? Then the ESE pad machine was questioned. ESE stands for “Easy Serving Espresso” and that’s exactly what the coffee maker offers you in the form of a pad. Compatible pods are pre-dispensed and pressed, just drop in the pad machine to get started. You also benefit from reduced water and electricity consumption and very easy cleaning of the capsule machine, which is rarely needed.

Coffee maker for the great variety of coffee aromas

Coffee machines don’t always have to be electronic and automated. According to Third Wave Coffee, manual coffee makers are perfect for everyday use, especially on vacation, while traveling, or in a particularly conscious and slow way of making coffee. Explore the wide range of coffee machines with us.

1. The hand filter

A classic and very minimalist way of making coffee. All you need is a manual filter and suitable filter paper, coffee beans, preferably your own coffee grinder. Because it is through this method of longer contact time that the delicate aroma of the coffee beans is optimally developed. Freshly ground, the coffee’s aromatic complexity is doubled!

2. The espresso maker

Another classic coffee maker is the espresso machine or Bialetti. Preparing coffee here is very quick and easy. Plus, the espresso machine takes up almost no space in your home – so you can store it in any kitchen drawer, car, or travel bag. Whether electric, modern design, or unique octagonal shape – at Cafendo you’ll find the espresso machine that’s right for you.

3. The French Press or stamppot

Another hand-finished coffee maker. The French Press is a so-called “full immersion” coffee machine that is exceptionally easy to use, quick to clean, and requires no additional filters. French press coffee is characterized by a rich, full-bodied flavor because a metal strainer filters less than filter paper.

4. The AeroPress

Invented in 2005 by American entrepreneur and Professor Alan Adler, the AeroPress is not only an eye-catching design but a particularly ingenious coffee maker that maximizes aroma. It is similar to a French press, but the coffee is filtered in an Aeropress so no coffee grounds get into the cup. Compared to manual filtration, with the AeroPress, the hot water will completely flush the ground coffee as long as the coffee is brewing. As a result, more and more intense aromas are released from the coffee with this coffee maker. The amount of coffee, the degree of grinding, the water temperature, and the brewing time can be freely determined, which is also the real advantage of a semi-automatic or fully automatic coffee machine. Therefore, we especially recommend AeroPress for coffee drinkers who like to experiment, such as specialty coffee and light coffee.

5. The Chemex

Due to the long contact time between ground coffee and water, Chemex as a coffee machine can extract special flavors. A feature of this brewing method is that the aroma is extracted from the coffee grounds solely by gravity, creating a very special taste experience. Light, fruity coffee roasts and specialty coffees are especially good here. Baristas and coffee lovers, especially those in the third wave coffee movement, prefer the manual filter method because coffee is a true luxury and the entire preparation process is treated as a ritual.

6. The Siphon

A very traditional coffee maker. In the 1830s, Love invented and further perfected the siphon coffee method as a preparation method. Not only does the siphon have an unusual design, but it also provides a very good coffee taste. For friends with great taste and coffee connoisseurs, coffee in a coffee siphon is a real richness, and also perfect for lovers of sophisticated mobile filters and filter coffee tasting experiences.

A coffee grinder for maximum taste

We say it over and over because it is and remains a fact. A high-quality coffee grinder should at least be given the same status as a high-quality coffee machine. After all, what’s the use of a sturdy and expensive coffee maker if the coffee you’re using isn’t freshly ground? Compared to freshly ground coffee, pre-ground coffee has much less aroma because these aromas evaporate quickly. So our advice: browse our wide range of manual coffee grinders and electric coffee grinders to find the perfect match for your coffee machine.

Discover a large selection of coffee machines, coffee makers, and coffee grinders at Cafendo

Whether you prefer an automatic or manual coffee maker, you also need a coffee grinder that fits your home barista set. At Cafendo you will find a top selection of quality coffee machines from well-known brands that will provide you with great coffee taste according to your personal preferences and desires. Of course, you’ll also find great coffee and espresso that you can order at the same time to enjoy at home. So feel free to browse our range and compare different coffee machine models.