Hand Filters

The dose of ground coffee is more precise and the water is poured more carefully. In addition, mildly roasted coffee beans, freshly ground directly before brewing, are the basis for great filter coffee. Many coffee drinkers recall the origins of coffee, before fully automatic coffee machines.

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Simply pressing a button is not enough for delicious filter coffee. If you want to enjoy your daily coffee ration in the morning or afternoon, you have to earn it by pouring it, so to speak. For many coffee lovers, home-brewed coffee is a break from daily life, a joyful moment just for oneself. With every hand brew, you’ll celebrate the hot drink with over 800 wonderful aromas. The coffee from the filter is very balanced and round. Lighter roasts produce fruity nuances, while darker roasts generally taste nuttier.

Coffee from the hand filter for unique enjoyment

Poured coffee, also known as hand filter coffee, is easy to brew compared to other specialty coffees. Once you get the hang of it, preparation becomes child’s play. But similar to how most connoisseurs prefer to make espresso with a mobile filter, preparing filter coffee requires some utensils. The most important accessory is the manual filter. Without him, nothing would work.

There is space for the coffee filter and coffee grounds in the manual filter. At its best, it supports an even extraction of coffee. A manual filter that gives you great coffee in the morning doesn’t have to be expensive.