Coffee Accessories

Coffee accessories are everywhere, from gadgets to widgets. Knowing what you need to make a good coffee at home can be challenging. However, your morning cup doesn’t have to be boring, and it shouldn’t be challenging as well. If you struggle with drinking your coffee because you have to run out the door before making yourself a mug, you must know there is an accessory for everything.

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A good cup of coffee has a different meaning for all coffee lovers, ranging from light-bodied pour-over made inaccurate timing to measurements of a cup of dark, almost like a chewy truckstop coffee. Even if a coffee lover feels satisfied by their usual to-go cup of joe, coffee accessories can help you take your coffee to the next level.

If you want to step outside of your comfort zone and try other brewing processes, you may find that a perfect cup of coffee, espresso, latte, or even instant coffee is within reach if you have the right coffee accessory.

Standard Coffee Cup Size: Espresso, Cappuccino, and More

We spend a lot of time writing articles about coffee and different coffee products to enhance your experience with this popular everyday drink. But what about the essential item that contains this special drink?

Yes, today we are talking about coffee cups.

Compared with other parts of the world, the United States is known for its larger size than the life cup. If you go to any McDonald’s or movie theatre, you will get a mug whose size is about three times the size of anything abroad.

But what about coffee?

Is there a global standard for standard cup sizes?

How big is a standard coffee cup?

It should be noted that not all countries/regions adopt the cup as a globally recognized standard measurement method. Therefore, making a simple cup of coffee becomes a bit challenging.

Add different cup sizes, travel cups, and various cup sizes, and you can perform a real test.

Empire System vs Metric System

So why is this all so difficult? 

On the one hand, the United States is just one of the three other countries in the world that use the imperial system (think cups, ounces, spoons, miles, etc.).

Because we know what you want to know, the other two countries in the imperial system are Myanmar and Liberia.

The rest of the world uses the metric system (think kilometers, milliliters, etc.)

Why is this important? Countries that use the metric system consider the standard cup size 250 ml (approximately 8.45 ounces). However, in the United States, they treat the standard cup is eight fluid ounces.

If this is not complicated enough, let’s add another wrench. Japan decided to develop its coffee and cup rules. They claim that a single cup has a capacity of only 200 ml (6.76 ounces).

So how big is a standard coffee cup?

In short, it depends on your country/region and the standard coffee cup size they use.

How many ounces does a standard coffee cup have?

Coffee cups are very different from cups. They are thicker, almost always have handles, and hold more liquid than other types of cups. Generally speaking, cups are usually small and are used to store tea. On the other hand, mugs are generally used to hold coffee or hot chocolate.

Usually, American coffee cups can hold about 8-12 ounces of liquid, but to be honest, they can have cups of various sizes and shapes.

There are even oversized coffee cups of 20-25 ounces. These are the things we usually drink soup or eat out. But hey, if the day has passed, then there is no judgment here. This is the perfect amount of coffee for you.

Find the perfect cup/coffee cup size

Now that we have learned about cups and coffee cups let’s explore a little more. What if you don’t just want to drink coffee or tea? Believe it or not, size is essential. Not all cup sizes are the same. There are a variety of coffee cup sizes to choose from, and the average coffee cup size will not cut it.

If you are a cappuccino lover like us, the drink for this popular Italian drink is a 5 to 5.5 ounce (150 to 160 ml) cup. The latte cup is also slightly larger, 11-15 ounces. This is to provide some extra swing space for the milk involved. If you prefer simple, fine espresso, you should look for a 2-3 ounce cup.

The size of an espresso cup is critical. If you pour the espresso into a larger coffee cup instead of an espresso cup, the coffee fat will spread, making it thin and disappear quickly. The size of an espresso cup can also protect your coffee from getting cold too quickly.

Something different

Are you looking for something less traditional than the above drink types? Why not try Macchiato or Cortado? You don’t even need to fly to Italy or Spain to enjoy these drinks.

If you prefer milk beverages, cortado usually uses a 4.5-ounce glass. Not familiar with cortado?

If the stronger taste is more in line with your style, then Macchiato may be the way to go. The ratio of espresso to milk is 2:1. This beverage not only has a stronger coffee flavor, but it is also good to drink before going out. Because it only requires a 2-3 ounce cup, and there is less milk than a piccolo latte, you can finish it quickly while still enjoying its rich flavor.

Travel drink

Now that we have covered various cup sizes that suit your daily life, what are your dimensions on the go?

Whether you use them for coffee, tea, or just water, travel mugs and glasses have become an essential part of our daily lives. As avid users of travel mugs and glasses, we know that the perfect drink can make or break your day. The nightmare of a leaking travel mug while running to work flashes in front of your eyes? we know.

Having the right body can make a difference. The size and volume of liquid that these travel glasses can hold are part of this experience. The average size is 15-20 ounces, but you can sometimes find larger or smaller sizes depending on your needs. This means there is always something for everyone.

Starbucks coffee cup size

Some mornings just need to give them extra stimulation. But how many ounces are there in a large cup of coffee? Technically, a large cup of coffee is called a 16-ounce cup. However, Starbucks Coffee has changed the rules of the game and no longer names standard coffee cup sizes and coffee cup sizes with actual numbers.

Instead, they had a brilliant idea, naming them “short” (8 ounces), “high” (12 ounces), “large” (16 ounces), and “venty” (20 ounces). So now their customers can walk into any Starbucks around the world, and without language barriers, they can order any drink of any size without any hassle. Thanks for globalization!

By showing only the tall, large, and ventilated, they also made tall (12 ounces) the new small, large, medium and ventilated, and large socially acceptable. We saw what you did at Starbucks.

Bring Home

Coffee cups and mugs come in many different sizes. It even differs between countries in the world. Starbucks may have changed the game’s rules by renaming its size, but whenever there is no Starbucks around the corner, or you have to be your home barista, you now know which size cup you need.

We don’t want you to run home and start measuring all the cups and cups in the cabinet. But now that you know, you can make wise and educated decisions about which one is best for your beverage of choice.

The Grinder

If you want to have an effective change in your coffee routine, regardless of the brew, you can start the shift by grinding your coffee beans. One of the best grinders to use at home is the conical burr grinders which allow for more control over the grain size of your coffee, instead of the more common metal blade grinders.

Electric burr grinders allow you to switch between coarsely ground coffee and finely ground coffee easily.

The burr manual grinder is best when you travel because it is small enough to bring it to work or on vacation. The grinder is completely hand-powered, so there is no need to have an outlet nearby. The manual burr grinder can work well with other man-powered gadgets, like mortar and pestle, hand-crack egg beater, or old-timey butter churn.

The French Press

The French Press might be familiar, or you already got it. But if you are used to brewing your coffee with an auto-drip coffee machine, you might want to try a French press. With the help of a French press, you can enjoy an extra-flavorful beverage in the morning when you want some extra minutes for yourself. You can grind your coffee as extra coarse and bring out the French press. Besides, you can also use the French press to brew tea.

The Pour-over coffee

If you have never tried pour-over coffee, get prepared for a different world of great coffee. Pour-over methods release layers of coffee flavor that you never knew you could have: fruity, chocolatey, earthy, floral, juicy, pretty much coffee drinks can taste more than just coffee. Each flavor will require its type of paper filter.

The pour-over method will need a little extra time for your coffee ritual. However, you will be rewarded with a cup of piping hot coffee where you can savor every drop of flavor. Pour-over coffee makers can also double as portable coffee makers. All you need is hot water.

There is also the Chemex glass pour-over which has the capacity of eight cups. Chemex glass pour-over is a classic pour-over maker that has the feel of a chemical lab, and it is still a fine choice both aesthetically and functionally.

In addition, the pour-over method is also used by the Gooseneck pour-over kettle. You can heat the cold water with this kettle, and the narrow spout allows you to control the need to distribute hot water over the coffee grounds. First, there will be the “bloom” effect, and then you can pour over the rest of the water.

If you are not a fan of the classical kettle, digital kettles allow you to select the appropriate temperature for your favorite coffee brewing. The water gets hot quickly and precisely, and it can set up a superb flavored cup of coffee.

The Digital Scales

The digital scales will help you achieve the ideal ratio of beans and hot water (if you choose the pour-over method). You cannot make your coffee too bitter or weak with the perfect ratio. Precision is essential for a good coffee.

The AeroPress

There are other methods for making coffee, and one of them is done by AeroPress. The AeroPress is small and lightweight and is perfect for packing and carrying it around. The Aeropress is like the next step for the French press, and it creates a smoother cup of coffee by pushing the coffee through a paper filter. Cleaning the Aeropress is even easier because you simply push the coffee grounds in the trash (or compost bin), and then you quickly rinse it and set it for the next cup.

In other words, the Aeropress is the most beloved modern coffee brewer. Thanks to its indestructible design, simple brewing process, and delicious coffee. This coffee brewing is versatile, easy to gift, easy to use, clean, easy to travel with. The Aeropress combines the preparation style of a french press and espresso machine, which results in a unique and enjoyable coffee in the morning.

The Cold Brew Coffee Kit

Usually, the cold brew coffee kit consists of a Mason jar and stainless steel fine-mesh filter. The slower process makes the coffee milder, smoother coffee flavor. In addition, you can add milk or sugar to your drink only if you are looking for some extra indulgence.

The Espresso Tamper

If you ever wanted to try your hand with an espresso machine and be your barista at home, then you might notice that it is pretty tricky to achieve a level and compact tamp. That’s why you may need an espresso tamper, which will help you achieve a compact tamp.

Coffee Storage

Sealable coffee storage can be a canister, essential for anyone looking to keep their coffee fresh and flavourful. We think everyone who drinks coffee has or wants a coffee can. The canister can keep the strong smells and oxygen away from the beans, so they can be kept preserved to be fresh for a longer time.

Milk Jugs

Latter art is one of those things that bring creativity into your coffee cup. However, you need a milk jug that is comfortable to handle. You may need to practice a lot to create a drawing in a cappuccino, but it is fun while doing it.

The Sugar and the Milk Set

Not everyone adds a splash of milk and a dash of sugar into their caffeine. However, many love to drink coffee with milk and sugar. That’s why it is nice to have a milk set where you can add your milk next to the coffee and a sugar bowl so you can serve others with sugar if needed.

Espresso Machine Cleaners

Besides being tasty, the coffee can also leave a lot of mess. And every cafe owner will tell you that the coffee accessories are an essential part of the brewing process, but you also need to keep things clean.

There are targeted cleaning agents that effectively break down those coffee stains and oils that are left behind in an espresso. Cleaning the machine can also prolong its life.

Cleaning Cloths

Keeping your coffee station clean is as important as the equipment. That’s why you also need to have long-lasting and quick-drying microfibers cloths. Microfiber cloths are more effective than other cleaning fabrics in cleaning your coffee accessories because the fine threads can pick up the minuscule messes. These clothes have different colors to track which cloth you can use for which function.

Coffee Books

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the topic of coffee or you are a seasoned cup of joe. One thing is always clear: there is always more to learn about coffee.

If you want to learn more about coffee, you can buy specialty coffee books too dense within the coffee expertise. You can get books that talk about the origin of coffee, producing countries, styles and techniques, and how they can influence your coffee mug.

Coffee Beans

In the end, even if you have access to all these accessories, don’t forget that the real magic happens in the coffee beans. All of these accessories can make a better cup of coffee or achieve a truly excellent brew, but you still need a strong foundation: the coffee beans. Always look for a roast date when you purchase a bag of beans. Freshly roasted beans will make your coffee feel fresh and flavored.