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Contego The Coffee Factory is a Romanian company that is going to extend their business in East Europe, being specialized in coffee roasting and products made for coffee machines and many more regarding this field. They are using advanced techniques and natural products in order to deliver the best quality to their clients. 

Their team was born in 2014 with the idea of making quality coffee and they succeeded. Their roasting specialist has a great background of workshops and certificates in roasting coffee made in Germany. So being professional was the keyword in their concept of business. 

In 2015, they made the big announcement of opening the first Contego coffee factory cafe in one of the most popular areas in Bucharest. The success they had made them extend their business by opening another cafe in a business central park in Bucharest. Their professionalism, their motivation, their quality products, and very upgraded technology made them successful on the local market since they opened and until now. 

Today, Contego covers a great part of the distribution channels in the Horeca industry, retail, vending, and home delivery. In the meantime, they extended their cafes in other cities of Romania and most important in some countries of Europe such as Bulgaria and Greece and many more to be announced.

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