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Caffèlab was born with the aim of letting you explore the world of Specialty Coffees in a single platform, giving support to projects that aim to grow high-quality coffee in a sustainable, ethical, and transparent way.


Coffee blends

Our coffee blends are inspired by the classic tradition of the symbol of the Italian coffee shop, Espresso. The selection ranges from the classic coffee blends for bars, to the intense coffees of the Neapolitan tradition, up to the perfumed 100% Arabica, traceable and certified. Our coffee blends are composed of some of the most innovative and high-quality products on the market and are obtained thanks to the contribution of experts and specialists in the sector, dedicated to finding the best coffees from all over the world.

How to choose the right coffee blend for you?Caffelab

First of all we should think about what characteristics we would like to find in the cup: do we want a more round and full-bodied cup or a lighter and more aromatic cup? We, therefore, arrive at two macro distinctions linked to the two main coffee varieties: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee is more delicate, sweet, and aromatic and contains less caffeine. Robusta coffee, on the other hand, is more intense, full-bodied, almost woody, and with a higher caffeine content, giving a creamier result. All the combinations of blends are born from these two varieties.

Single-origin and specialty coffee

A rich selection of Single Origin coffees, coffees from a single country of origin in which you will find some of the most famous coffees in the world: from Nepalese farm coffees to the legendary Jamaica Blue Mountain and Ethiopia Sidamo.  Obviously, Specialty Coffees are also included, the single-origin which according to the SCA, Specialty Coffee Association tasting protocols, obtained a score above 80 points


ExtraLAB is the section dedicated to the world beyond coffee, to better say complementary. With this product section, we absolutely do not want to part with coffee. Our goal is exclusively to complete this sacred ritual. In fact, this section introduces complementary products not only to coffee, but also to each other, through the same language: organic and sustainable, processed with the utmost care, in harmony with nature, and made special thanks to their multiple nutritional properties, all from discover.

Not just coffee

You will find natural infusions with extraordinary characteristics and dark chocolate bars produced from the precious single-origin cocoa variety Criollo from the Peruvian Amazon. They are all complementary products in their language: organic and sustainable, processed with the utmost care, in harmony with nature, and made special thanks to their multiple nutritional properties.


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