Black V60 IN GLASS 3-4 cups

One of the most famous accessories for preparing a filter coffee manually, the V60, which as its name implies is nothing more than a V-cone with an angle of 60 °. A tool that can give very clean cups of coffee and enhance the aromas of our beans.

The characteristics that distinguish it and make it preferable, in the best " Third Wave" coffee shops, are certainly the large central hole and the internal spirals that improve the "Turbulence" helping the homogeneity of the aroma extraction. The perfect thermal stability of the glass makes it the best friend of your coffees.

Remember to preheat it with hot water and if you want to take a look at the video that accompanies this product ...


For the bartender who wants to propose a "Brew Bar" in his own coffee shop. Also for coffee lovers who love to prepare a cup of filter coffee at home in a simple way but with attention to quality, perhaps in the company.


Capacity:  01 (1-2 cups) / 02 (2-4 cups)

Colors:  red and black

Material:  plastic, glass

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The  V60 glass coffee maker is the "transparent" version of one of the most famous accessories for preparing incredible filter coffees, to give and treat yourself to cups of coffee that are perfect for enhancing the aromas of our best beans!

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