Filter Coffee Machines

Regular innovations and unique coffee aromas provide the best reason! People who speak of a coffee machine today still usually refer to the typical filter coffee maker, which has been the preferred method of brewing coffee in many homes for decades.

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Because the filter coffee maker, which started out with great success in the 1970s, is still a popular and widely used method of producing aromatic coffee. The advantages are obvious: in addition to the simplicity of operation, you can prepare several cups of coffee at the same time without having to start a new brewing process each time. Because you don’t need special forms of coffee, such as capsules or ESE pods, just ground coffee beans, there are no restrictions when it comes to choosing the coffee you use: mild or strong, Arabica or Robusta types – Just decide according to your personal taste.

Practical side effects

A feature of filter coffee makers is their low cost – both the purchase of the equipment and the preparation of the coffee itself are cheap compared to many other methods. The devices also produce hot beverages in an environmentally friendly way, as the filters used are fully biodegradable with the remaining coffee grounds and can simply be disposed of with residual waste. If you also want to focus on sustainability when choosing your coffee, you should take a look at the large selection of premium organic coffee varieties. Due to the relatively simple overall design, filter coffee machines are less prone to technical problems and low maintenance costs.

Various equipment variants

The basic principle of all filter coffee makers is the same: the water is heated, then drips onto the ground coffee in the filter, and after a few minutes it goes from there into the pot like freshly brewed coffee. In many models, this is on a plate with heating, so the last cup can still be filled with hot coffee. Some devices use a thermos, usually made of aluminum, rather than a glass jug with a heating plate. Another useful feature is the drip stop, which allows the pot to be removed during brewing without letting hot coffee get onto the hotplate.

Tips and tricks for operating the machine

Apart from adding ground coffee or coffee beans according to your taste, a proper filter is of course required. These should be the right size, so when you buy a filter, please order the right filter as well. Depending on the hardness or softness of the water coming out of the faucet, it may also be worthwhile to purchase a water filter. Using filtered water with a lower calcium content not only tastes better but also requires less descaling. This should still be done regularly. Just run the machine once with an effective descaling agent or a mixture of water and white vinegar, then rinse with water.