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  Our 12 employees ensure that you can enjoy freshly roasted coffee every day. We supply hotels and restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, and retailers as well as hospitals and homes far beyond the Solothurn canton borders.

  Anyone can sell coffee. But if you are looking for the roaster of your heart, then you have come to the right place in Solothurn! We don't just roast selected green coffees into highly aromatic blends and exclusive “single-origin coffee”, but accompany every bean from cultivation to the cup with passion and “Feu Sacré”. Our customers are not just customers, they are friends, fans, freaks and coffee lovers all rolled into one and live coffee emotions with us. Our doors are open to everyone who is not looking for a coffee but THE coffee. From human to human. That's us at Oetterli Kaffee - the art of roasting since 1895.

In 2021, at the beginning of May, a new automatic filling system for coffee beans is installed, supplemented with a flow rack for our 10 kg cardboard boxes. This investment brings us more efficiency and speed in the area of production/packaging.

  The expectations of our customers and consumers of our products and services define the quality and have done so for 126 years.
In order to meet these expectations, the products and processes are continuously checked and analyzed internally and externally, and training is carried out for our employees. Quality is not paper but an attitude.

126 years of Oetterli coffee - a success story. Oetterli & Co. AG celebrates its 126th company anniversary.

Oetterli Coffee

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