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We are modern pleasure fans. The founder's Dirk N. Tillmann and Max Sandherr are supported by a team of experts: coffee and tea experts, engineers, materials scientists, marketing and sales talents, sports, and nutritionists. So many different personalities, skills, and biographies - yet we have one thing in common: our lifestyle. We are active, play sports, and pay attention to a healthy diet. We love enjoyment, we love nature and we love convenience. All of this is combined in our products: Exquisite organic coffee and organic tea in compostable capsules.

Our Mission

At the heart of the commitment of MY COFFEE CUP and MY TEACUP is the idea of combining modern enjoyment with sustainable and responsible action. We want to inspire as many people as possible around the world for high-quality, environmentally friendly organic products in order to make our contribution to health, happiness, and prosperity.  The selection of excellent ingredients creates the basis for first-class quality. Our organic coffees come from sustainably managed plantations in Central America, South America, and Africa. For an excellent natural taste, we use the most modern aroma-preserving processes in coffee refinement - from the careful selection of the organic arabica and organic robusta beans by our experienced coffee sommeliers to the careful drum roasting to the solvent-free decaffeination of our decaf according to the Swiss-Water- Procedure. MY COFFEE CUP products are 100% CO₂-neutral. We think that enjoyment must not be at the expense of nature, the climate, or other people. That is why we have developed products that combine excellent organic enjoyment, convenient preparation, and a clear conscience.

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