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The name Dallmayr stands for outstanding product and service quality with a tradition going back more than 300 years and is one of the best-known German coffee brands.

We are locally rooted in Munich - and at the same time active worldwide. From the trade in domestic and international delicacies, the famous delicatessen house with its own gastronomy and event catering emerged over time. The coffee business and vending machine service have developed into the company's largest branches of business over the past 50 years. Our experience in the various business areas and the bundling of these competencies make us a respected partner in retail, service and gastronomy today.

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Alois Dallmayr, or Dallmayr for short, is one of the largest delicatessen stores in Europe with a tradition going back more than 300 years and one of the best-known German coffee brands. Many different companies operate under this roof today.

The company is still family-owned to this day and is managed by Wolfgang Wille and Florian Randlkofer - the two personally liable partners of the parent company Alois Dallmayr. This is divided into different business areas:

Dallmayr coffee as well as Vending & Office, delicatessen, catering, restaurant, café-bistro as well as shipping and gift service. The parent company in Munich is an institution and annually attracts around 2.8 million locals and visitors from all over the world.

Dallmayr coffee is one of the leading grocery consumer goods brands in Germany. In addition to the top brand prodomo, the best-known are capsa and crema d'Oro. Over 80,000 tons of coffee are roasted annually in our own roasting plants in Germany and sold through grocery stores and directly to hotels, bars and restaurants. They are also used in the vending sector.

With over 100,000 coffee machines, cold drink machines and snack machines, Dallmayr Vending & Office is one of the leading machine operators in Europe. The branch is active in a total of 18 countries worldwide.

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