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Caffè H24 is a project born within the Carbonelli Roasting Company, which carries out the entire production cycle: from the import of raw coffee, to roasting, to blending, up to the packaging of the product in pods and capsules, and its distribution throughout the territory. When we decided to launch the Caffè H24 brand, we studied the entire commercial and marketing plan trying to have the ultimate goal of offering an even more accessible product in single-portion pods and capsules compatible with most espresso machines in circulation.

Caffè H24Thanks to our thirty years of experience in coffee roasting, we are able to work best the various origins of raw coffee to obtain the highest quality, extracting the maximum from the organoleptic characteristics of each, then mixing them together based on the percentages studied in detail, so that they make a coffee with a strong, intense taste in the cup, and instinctive, as we have called our blend made of 100% robusta selected coffee, which offers a marked creaminess in the cup and is characterized by a dark roast. The classic Neapolitan espresso coffee with a golden color on the surface tending to have a dark brown body.

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