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We are BEEM

We live for enjoyment. With our coffee and tea makers, we want to show you the diverse world of preparation methods and possibilities.

To this end, we deal with the latest topics and trends relating to coffee and tea every day. With our almost 50 years of expertise in this segment, we are happy to advise and inform and develop innovative products in unique BEEM quality.


What makes BEEM so special?

With BEEM you can enjoy coffee just like in your favorite café - with unmistakable aromas, sophisticated brewing skills, and the right feeling for the details!

We want to meet all demands. That is why we pay attention to design as well as handling, aroma development, and quality. We don't just make tea and coffee! We are reinventing hot drinks in order to create a moment of pleasure that is special even during preparation. Just a little break from your everyday life.

Diverse options for making coffee and tea

We want to bring you closer to the whole range of preparation methods to enable coffee and tea to suit your unique taste.

Design and ease of use

We combine selected materials such as stainless steel, glass and wood with modern ease of use and classic design - so we are timelessly chic in any ambience.

Unmistakable taste experiences

Enjoyment can be so versatile. Depending on the situation and mood, you want to enjoy different flavors - we at BEEM want to make that possible.

Our variety of products

Taste arises from many different facets.

We understood that. That is why the classic filter coffee machine is just as much a part of our world as high-quality samovars for hotels and restaurants. They all share the good feeling of conscious enjoyment.

You too can discover the multitude of preparation options from manual craftsmanship to machine all-rounders - and take your time for your taste!

We are specialists in coffee and tea enjoyment! With us, you will find high-quality products for machine or manual preparation.

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