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Our Story

Mokaflor was founded in 1950 by Vasco Bernini in a small alley behind Piazza Della Signoria in Florence, Italy. By learning more about coffee and its quality, for Vasco the thick crema which other Italian roasteries were trying to achieve, did not seem to be quite the right path. He was convinced that customers would appreciate coffee with a good crema even more if it were combined with a more balanced taste.


The answer was simple but still quite radical for those times: he was sure it would be necessary to find the perfect roasting profile for every single variety of coffee.

  Mokaflor coffee labIn 2015, Caffèlab was born, the online coffee laboratory, with the aim to search for the best specialty coffees combined with the best tools for all types of extraction. In 2019 the first Mokaflor Concept Store opens in Bahrain. In recent years, the Espresso Academy courses have been developed further, as there has been a high increase in the demand and students from all over the world. The team of trainers grows and courses in English and the first partnerships with schools abroad are launched.

Our values

In 70 years of tradition, our main objective has always been to offer our customers the best quality. In order to achieve this, we know that the most important and first step is to choose the right raw material. This is because we can have the best roasting and blending methods, but if the coffee we sell does not have a high starting quality, no other step will lead to final customer satisfaction. Today more than ever, we agree on the importance of continuing to maintain our main objectives, which are:


- Selection of a high-quality coffee that is environmentally and ethically sustainable and supports local communities in the countries of production. We choose to source only lots from selected plantations that preferably use sustainable agricultural methods such as permaculture and other sustainable practices. 

- Artisanal and single-origin roasting as for 70 years now, without bowing to new faster, and cheaper methods that would compromise the quality of the final product.

- Teaching and spreading of our Espresso Academy experts’ know-how to educate and inform professionals and end consumers on the importance of high quality and the difference in the taste of coffees based on their processing methods. 

The Espresso Blends

The Mokaflor blends are made from some of the best quality coffees from all over the world, carefully researched and selected by our experts. Our espresso blends come in elegant packaging available in many different sizes in order to meet the requests of the HO.RE.CA, GDO, and domestic use.  First of all, we only select the best quality beans from sustainable and organic coffee plantations. We then roast all our varieties artisanally and as single origins, in order to achieve the perfect roasting profile for each coffee. After leaving the roasted coffee to rest from 48 to 72 hours we then proceed with packaging. All our coffees are roasted on order so we can guarantee the freshest quality!


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