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We have been working plantation coffees since 1994, traveling personally to the countries of production, we were among the first in Europe!


The true story of our company begins in 1895 when the Meschini family began roasting coffee. Having reached the fourth generation, one of the descendants, Enrico Meschini, however, feels the need to get out of the praxis of the coffee world and take his own path.


In 1994, Le Piantagioni del Caffè was born: a very small company dedicated to the roasting of single plantation coffee. In the meantime, Enrico Meschini has started traveling to the countries of origin, to get to know the producers of green coffee and their work.


Enrico, together with a group of other roasters who wishes to devote himself to artisan quality, founded the CSC - Certified Special Coffee Association, of which he has been president since its foundation. The aim is to promote coffee as a choice of taste and to enhance product research.


The SCAE - Specialty Coffee Association of Europe is born (today only SCA - SPECIALTY COFFEE ASSOCIATION after the merger with SCAA - SPECIALTY COFFEE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA), an international non-profit association that aims to bring together all the operators in the sector dedicated to quality. Enrico Meschini participates in the foundation and thanks to him Le Piantagioni del Caffè is recognized today as a Pioneer Member.


Enrico comes into contact with The Coffee Plantations and immediately falls in love with them. Shortly after (early 2000) he joined Le Piantagioni del Caffè: first as a minority shareholder, and later as a majority shareholder. Thus begins this intriguing journey.

The Coffee Plantations

When you smell it, immediately a pleasant feeling of charge and calm at the same time pervades us. It's the coffee. The company, which has made it its point of excellence, also has research in its DNA. Through the journeys to find the soil, the botanical variety, and the process that brings grain from the plantation to the cups, Enrico Meschini, the fourth generation of a family that has always been in this sector, blends his products of the highest quality. The mission pursued by the company is to blend coffee following its path, in person, from the plantation. This is how stories, adventures, experiences, territory, and work of each person and each producing country are mixed.

Bloom With Us

“Bloom With Us” is the way in which we present the most profound renewal of Le Piantagioni del Caffè from the foundation of the company to today.  

In the last two years, we have reflected on our identity, on our vision, on what we want to become in the specialty coffee market, and, more generally, quality coffee.

We have decided to have a clear role and to be, once again, pioneers of change: for us, coffee must represent conviviality, joy, comprehensibility, drinkability.

It has to be cool, trendy, pop.
It has to get out of the niche and involve an ever wider panorama of potential enthusiasts. 
We believe that this step can only take place by breaking down barriers that have been created over time between specialists in the world of coffee and those who approach it for the first time. 
In a world where everyone has less and less time and more and more stimuli, the world of quality coffee must be able to make itself understood and become fascinating in a concrete, direct, drinkable way.  

We believe that in everyone there is a “ specialty ” trait: we have passions that guide us, bewitch us, catalyze us.
This is why we have created the concept of " Specialty People ": anyone with strong passions has the predisposition to be one of us, to go beyond the mass-produced and understand the value of quality products and made by artisans. 

If you are a Specialty People then you are one of us.
You want more, and as far as coffee is concerned, we're here to give it to you.

Le Piantagioni Del Caffè

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