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WE share a passion for excellent coffee and a deep rooted respect for its culture and history. The pursuit of a memorable coffee experience can only be achieved by adhering to time honored practices and a respect for all those who labor long hours to produce it. 

That experience begins with sourcing the right coffee and developing lasting partnerships with those who cultivate them. It continues with hours of roasting and cupping in pursuit of just the right roasting profile that highlights all the unique flavor attributes of each particular coffee.  

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Quite often someone asks me, “how did it all begin?”

The answer has never been simple. Despite the many times I proffered a very sincere response, I found the story always changing, evolving. Years later, I realized that I was never changing my story.  Instead, I was simply adding chapters to it.

My love for coffee began much the same way anyone’s love for something special ever begins. It began with a piqued interest, a lifestyle, and a cultural connection, which combined at a point in time, caused a life altering moment to begin. In sum, that is my coffee story.

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For me, coffee represents more than just a valued food commodity. It is a social beverage capable of bridging two or more people together for meaningful dialogue. Our ability to bring about those special moments through coffee is why I describe our venue not as a coffee shop, but instead, as an artisanal coffee gathering place.



We view our coffee shop as a "Third Space" venue. A place unlike the two usual social environments, the home and the workplace. Our core belief is that coffee has the ability to serve as a social bridge that fosters creative, cultural and community development.   

We greatly value those social interactions and help facilitate them through the performing arts, lectures, and informal gatherings.   

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In his influential book, "The Great Good Place," Ray Oldenburg argues that "third places" are important for civil society, democracy, and establishing feelings of a sense of place. We hope that your visit to our shop will further your own sense of place.  

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