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The Melitta Group is an international manufacturer of branded products and is active in a variety of business fields. The group includes the divisions Melitta Europe Divisions Household Products and Coffee, based in Minden, and Melitta Europe Division Coffee, which is based in Bremen and is involved mainly in the production and sales of brand products for coffee pleasure. 

History of coffee

The history of the Melitta group of companies began in Dresden in 1908 with the invention of the coffee filter. The bitter flavor and unpleasant grounds took some of the pleasure out of coffee enjoyment. But then Melitta Bentz had an idea. She took a tin can and drilled some holes in it, then took a sheet of blotting paper from her son's school book, and used it as a filter – the original of what we use today. Melitta Bentz used it to brew her coffee, and was absolutely delighted with the results: clear, delicious coffee with no grounds! After Melitta Europe Divisions Household Products and Coffee, Melitta Europe Division Coffee is the division in the Melitta Group with the highest turnover. Melitta is one of the leading brands on the German coffee market. And as one of the few companies to provide a full range, Melitta Europe Division Coffee has six varieties to provide the perfect filter coffee for all tastes – as well as instant cappuccino, coffee for automatic coffee machines, and pads.

Melitta Coffee

Coffee 100% Arabica & BellaCrema

Because coffee is a product that comes from nature, its taste is dependant on many factors. So that every cup of BellaCrema coffee tastes the same, we blend several types of coffee beans together. The composition of the blend is continually adjusted so that we can get the highest quality possible. We use beans harvested in South America and Central America for our Melitta BellaCrema blends. Although they are grown under varying conditions, they have at least one thing in common - they are all Arabica beans.

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