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In a small manufactory roastery in the heart of Helsinki, Holmen is made with a love for great coffee manufactured the only right way, in small batches and by hand. Every step is personally supervised by us. That’s why personal contact is so important to us at Holmen Coffee, and why we can provide honest, product-focused advice on everything to do with our heart’s desire.

Our values

We see coffee as a craft! It takes love for great coffee in two key facts: artisan production and enjoyment! We want to establish everyday luxury! What’s your Holmen? With this idea of indulgence, we want to bring moments of complete light-heartedness into your life. We make coffee that you can drink every day and at any time of day. Light-heartedness is therefore a core value of our Scandinavian origins, spontaneity, and our ambition to make special moments possible. What’s your Holmen? What are your island, your everyday luxury, and the moment you like to remember? 

We stand for warmth. This value is not only reflected in the production and the love for the product, but also in the open and personal and above all honest relationship with our customers. We are not a fancy lifestyle roastery, but a timeless manufactory for coffee, which above all builds on the foundation of quality. Our coffee is smoother, different, and more pleasant. Convince yourself!

Daily roasting

The use of a drum roaster for small batches allows us to roast our coffee particularly gently and to achieve an optimal roasting pattern. This process requires a high level of expertise, experience, and a pinch of “summer feeling”. We only use coffee from farms, Fazenda, and haciéndas that share our passion for the best quality and a great emphasis on transparency. Wherever possible, our coffee is Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade certified.  

Why Holmen Coffee?

For us Holmen drinkers, coffee is not just a hot drink – it’s a way of life. A multi-sensorial experience that flatters body and soul. Coffee means for us the individualization of special moments – time-outs that serve as a pulse of calm in the midst of stressful daily life. Just like the “Nordic summer feeling” we stand for, the taste of our coffee unfolds in an individual and unique way.

Define your Holmen moment with exquisite beans roasted for a delicious espresso, coffee, or other specialties!

Made with a passion - Made with a love for great coffee manufactured the right way, in small batches and by hand.

High-quality standards - The use of a drum roaster allows us to roast our coffee particularly gently for an optimal roasting pattern.

Support and Expertise - Product-oriented and honest advice on everything to do with our favorite subject: coffee.

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Holmen Coffee
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