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At Hagen coffee and tea house you will find a wide range of offers under one roof. Since 1934, everything has revolved around the product "coffee" for us. We roast, mix and pack ourselves and are constantly developing our expertise. We focus on quality and individuality.

Every coffee customer prefers a different technique for the preparation of his cup of coffee - from the filter brewing technique, piston machine technique to fully automatic machines, portafilter, french press, Karlsbader brewing to mocha preparation or the Arabic method (in the Ibrik). A large selection of coffee machines, as well as accessories for private and commercial use.

Hagen Kaffee

Roasting process

Our coffee specialities are always guaranteed to be fresh. We roast every day using the gentle drum roasting process. With a selection of around 50 different mixtures and individual varieties, there is sure to be something for you too.

HAGEN has been roasting since 1934. That means a high level of competence and experience and at the same time the growing demands on the roasting trade. At first, the craftsmanship "roasting" was a strict family secret, but with increasing demand, roasting masters were trained and became indispensable pillars of the company for many years. Today, two roasting masters roast fresh every day on two drum roasting machines individually and very competently, non-stop for wholesalers and retailers. HAGEN coffee products present more than 60 individual varieties and coffee blends, as well as for the numerous, selected, highly qualified individual origins, organic coffee and fairly traded coffee (UTZ-certified). The aim is to advise, serve and, if necessary, supply customers in the wholesale and retail trade individually.

Hagen Kaffee

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