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The emilo specialty roastery was founded in 2012 in the heart of Munich. The first company headquarters was on Belfortstrasse, and roasting took place in a historic factory building in the Werksviertel at Ostbahnhof. Many years of experience in coffee production, an enormous passion for the black gold and always new ideas soon needed more space. At the end of 2014, the young company moved to a larger production site, the old TOGAL-WERKE. To this day, the heart of "the roastery" is located in Levelingstrasse, the administration has expanded and at the beginning of 2019 moved to new offices in the neighboring house. 

emilo stands for the finest coffee enjoyment and only uses first-class raw materials. Through gentle, traditional drum roasting and years of experience, the coffees are lovingly handcrafted their unmistakable, wonderful aroma - from classic filter coffee to strong espresso to the innovative DRIP COFFEE BAG, everyone will find their own personal emilo. The conscientious purchase of high-quality coffee beans, the careful handling of the goods and the optimally coordinated packaging for the aroma and the eye are prerequisites for our promise to deliver “ONLY THE BEST FROM BEANS TO CUP” to our customers. 


With the DRIP COFFEE BAG, emilo lays the foundation for the revolution in filter coffee. The emilo DRIP COFFEE BAG is a perfectly portioned filter coffee for a cup of fresh, hand-brewed coffee and the ideal companion - whether at home, at work, when camping or when traveling. The optimal aroma protection guarantees top quality and unique taste. All you need is a cup and hot water. Simply tear open, hang in, pour on and enjoy freshly brewed filter coffee - anytime & anywhere. 


emilo is not only the first Naturland certified coffee roasting company in Bavaria, it also fulfills all criteria of the IFS FOOD STANDARD. Emilo proudly bears the title "Roaster of the Year 2018" thanks to the special award from the renowned crema magazine. 


In addition to high quality standards, emilo always aims to work together with regional and local partners and producers. Starting with the milk supplier Berchtesgadener Milch, the organic farmer Mogli vom Billesberger Hof has also been an important part of the emilo family for years.


As a small craft business, fair purchasing and trading of green coffee is very important to emilo. For this reason, we make sure that we only purchase hand-picked green coffees from small family-run farmers in the countries of origin. We do not limit ourselves to just one plantation and can therefore guarantee consistent quality. In this way, we also ensure fair, seasonally adjusted prices for the coffee farmers for the individual types of coffee. First and foremost, we pay attention to the quality of the raw materials we use and do not see certificates as the only seal of quality. In this way, we enable a wide variety of farmers in the country of origin to have a successful, joint business relationship. With the natural product coffee, there are of course fluctuations in the different harvests. In order to ensure consistent emilo quality, the relationship between quality and quantity, as well as fair payment, is the basis of our philosophy. As a small specialty roastery, we generally exclude large “industrial plantations” from the selection of our suppliers.


In addition to the specialty roastery, emilo's own gastronomy in the city provides a window into the world of emilo. In 2013, the first store in the center of Munich, the emilo GLOCKENBACH, opened. Another shop followed with the emilo WESTEND, to which the in-house emilo BACKSTUBE belongs. Since August 2020, a third emilo shop has also opened, the emilo TRIDENTE BAR on Odeonsplatz in the Maserati showroom. In all shops, coffee lovers can enjoy the finest home-made baked goods - such as the emilo nut corners - in addition to freshly brewed coffee specialties "as coffee to go".

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