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On 21 March 1866 Johan Joachim Darboven took the leap towards independence in Hamburg. Amongst other products, his business sold bread, milk and - unusually for that time - pre-roasted coffee beans. What else set “J.J. Darboven” apart from the others? Later the young entrepreneur began making use of the daily postal service to deliver packaged coffee and sugar cubes to his customers. This service proved to be hugely popular in the days of raw coffee beans and bulky sugar loaves.

JJ DarbovenAnchored in Hamburg, active internationally

Hamburg is home to J.J. Darboven. This metropolis has always represented the headquarters of our traditional company and the Hanseatic values are deeply ingrained within the family business. But it hasn’t just been values such as reliability, stability and respect for people that have accompanied J.J. Darboven for 150 years. The vision and prudence necessary to carry a business into the future and position it on the world market have also played a significant role.

An internationally active trading company with around 900 employees and 16 subsidiaries in ten European countries has emerged out of the Hamburg coffee business. These include the production units in Hamburg, Sauerlach, Lucerne and Graz. Awareness of tradition does not get in the way of a modern business strategy at J.J. Darboven. Instead it forms the foundation of this Hamburg company’s identity towards the world.



More choice and better prices? Hardly possible! We offer a huge selection of coffee and other specialties. Always fresh and at a particularly fair price/performance ratio.


The majority of the shops are dealers - but we manufacture our products ourselves. IDEA Coffee, Alberto, Café Intencion - these are all items from our production. You buy practically directly from the producer.


As a mail-order company, we can only be successful if you trust us. With 30 days instead of 14 days, we offer you a right of withdrawal that is more than twice as long as prescribed by law. In addition, we are independently tested and certified for secure online shopping (PCI DSS).


Caffè, coffee or koffie. The name of this stimulating warm beverage is pronounced slightly differently around the world. Coffee aficionados everywhere value the quality of J.J. Darboven coffees. This is why many tonnes of roast coffee, tea, cocoa and service products leave the headquarters in Hamburg every day. 

Their destinations are grocery retailers, hotels, restaurants and cafés around the world. In order to always be able to respond quickly and provide contact persons on location for our international clients, J.J. Darboven has established a network of sales partners and subsidiaries around the globe. And so the company has grown - organically, healthily. This is how a successful enterprise with 16 branches in ten countries developed out of a small business. These include the production units in Hamburg, Sauerlach, Lucerne and Graz.

 The establishment of subsidiaries in several European countries and the acquisition of coffee trading companies were crucial for this expansion. J.J. Darboven demonstrates its presence to its international customers on location at its branches in Prague (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia), Amersfoort (Netherlands), Issenheim (France), Rumia (Poland), Dublin (Ireland), Lucerne (Switzerland) and Graz (Austria).

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