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Our Story

At Big Shoulders Coffee, we stand for Fresh roasted, no-nonsense artisan coffee. Our coffee is born out of a love for learning about people, food, and culture. Founder Tim Coonan began as a chef working at some of the most prestigious restaurants in New York, France, Italy, and Chicago. His love affair with coffee goes back to the 1980s when he went on origin trips and studied roasting techniques. What began as a hobby roasting beans in his garage evolved into Chicago’s premier roasting facility and Big Shoulders Coffee cafes. 

Reasons to Believe in Big Shoulders Coffee

You can taste a chef’s attention to detail in every cup of Big Shoulders coffee. Beans are sourced from farmers we have grown relationships with and roasted specifically to preserve the integrity and essence of the coffee. We brew the coffee with down-to-the-second precision. You will taste the difference.

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More than Coffee

Life is a thrilling, hectic, and sometimes exhausting adventure. That’s why Big Shoulders Coffee is designed as an ideal “third place.” Somewhere separate from home and work, where you can go for comfort and a chance to relax. Our locations are sanctuaries where you can enjoy the smells and tastes of our freshly roasted coffee in a welcoming environment.

A Culture that Mirrors Chicago

Hospitality is equally important at Big Shoulders Coffee. We truly value service, kindness, and manners. Just like our fellow Chicagoans, we work hard without pretense. Our only goal is to bring you the best coffee possible in a welcoming atmosphere.

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