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Sale of coffee beans for true coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Buying coffee beans allows you to savor the full taste of coffee, in fact, the beans allow you to keep the aromatic properties intact, enhancing the gustatory and olfactory complexity of the product. The type of coffee beans is the most used by bars, cafes, and restaurants precisely because, in terms of aroma, freshly ground coffee maintains its taste, savoring a fresh and quality product. Online sale of coffee beans: here you can buy coffee from Antica Torrefazione Bontadi 1790, coffee from Torrefazione Agust, and Torrefazione New York.

Caffè Bontadi 1790 and Caffè Agust are among the 25 best roasting companies in Italy according to Slow Food. The prestigious blends of the Antica Torrefazione Bontadi 1790 of Rovereto - Trento: choose from the 9 fantastic blends of high-quality coffee beans wisely selected and prepared by what is probably the oldest roasting company in Italy. Caffè Bontadi, the Espresso coffee since 1790!

Torrefazione Agust was born in Brescia in 1956 and since then Agust's mission has always been the same: to spread the culture of good coffee based on some guiding values such as fairness, correctness, and environmental sustainability. The certifications obtained are proof of this: Fairtrade, Zero Impact, and EU Organic.

Caffè New York was born in Montecatini Terme in the early 1930s. A delicate, hazelnut-colored cream with a thick consistency and long persistence. In the perfume aromas of chocolate and cocoa are appreciated. The full and balanced taste is commendable. Appreciated not only in Italy but also in Germany, where it is elected as the world's number one for espresso blends.

If you want to turn the espresso moment into something truly unique, coffee beans are a perfect choice. Grinding the coffee beans just before tasting it allows you to have a high-quality coffee, transforming breakfast or coffee break into a real ritual full of flavor. The choice of a quality coffee bean is to accompany the purchase of an excellent coffee grinder. Visit the section on our website for more information on how to choose a good coffee grinder to prepare and enjoy a perfect coffee with an intense aroma.

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