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Admittedly  - not the most exciting of all pictures. But because we stand behind the company with our name, we also have to dress up and show our colors. In the second generation, we manage the fortunes of our company and rarely wear fine thread. We are available to our customers every day for questions and discussions and see ourselves personally responsible when it comes to your satisfaction. We always think outside the box. This is one of the reasons why we founded the German Roaster Guild together with other committed specialty roasters.

Berliner Kaffeerösterei

Our awards 

We are particularly proud of our four-fold award from the gourmet magazine “Der Feinschmecker”, which is unique in Germany: We are among the best cafes, coffee roasters, and chocolate shops in Germany and are one of the top 500 shopping recommendations in Germany in 2012.

Our coffee houses

Our coffee houses are places where all your senses are addressed. Smell the scent of freshly ground coffee. Hear the tapping of the portafilter by our baristi. Discover and taste the aromas of coffee, our special teas, and drinking chocolate. Take care of your eyes, maybe direct your gaze over the rim of the cup to the people you meet here and now. Enjoy and pause.

A little excursion into our history

Two employees and 20 types of coffee - that's how it started. We discovered our passion for coffee during a visit to New York, more precisely to Porto Rico, a long-established coffee company in Brooklyn. There should be something like that in Berlin too: the whole world of coffee in one shop. Our business idea was born. That was in 1999. Almost on Kurfürstendamm, in Charlottenburger Uhlandstrasse, we opened our roastery on February 9, 2001, small and fine, in the historic Uhland Castle. We were successful because there was no such thing as us. We had opened a gap in the market that subsequently found many imitators in the capital. Countless types of coffee are available in our shop or café today.



We're a little old-fashioned. In dealing with our products, we have learned that shortcuts almost never lead to the goal. Many things not only take time but also the direct attention of people. Whether coffee, tea, chocolate, or other specialties: time and focus are irreplaceable production factors. We don't think much of automation. Nobody has yet been able to show us a robot that selects green coffee, can automatically adjust the roasting process for the new harvest, and who at the end tastes the coffee self-critically using various preparation methods. All of our products are made just as they would have been made a hundred years ago. And until someone can show us something better, we'll stick with it.

Berliner Kaffeerösterei

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