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We are a Peruvian family company with a long tradition in growing and refining unique coffees. We offer our customers ecological, premium quality coffee. The basis for this is the sustainable partnership with our smallholder producers.


What Does Altomayo Mean?

“ALTOMAYO” owes its name to a fertile region in the north of the Peruvian Andes, which is known as a growing area for high-quality Arabica coffee. The river “Mayo” flows through the area and because it is located in the highland mountains, the river is at an altitude of about 1000m above sea level.

Literally translated the name means "high river" or "river from the mountains".

Mission & Values

Organic and Fair is our claim

Our corporate philosophy is to strive for the highest quality, sustainable and ecological cultivation with awareness and respect for nature and people.

Responsibility, sustainability and fairness are the core of our mission and are reflected in our seal. Doing business in such a way that people and nature live in harmony is an essential part of our self-image.

The term sustainability describes a concept for the future: Sustainability means taking the needs of people living today seriously without taking the chance of a good life to future generations. In order to achieve this, the three areas of environment, economy and social affairs must be taken into account equally. They form the triangle of sustainability and our corporate philosophy.

It is our obligation to make a contribution to the conservation of the rainforest. Maintaining and optimizing socially acceptable working and living standards. To guarantee adequate and fair remuneration for the coffee farmers.

The bean treasure from Peru: 100% Arabica highland coffee

Our fine ALTOMAYO Arabica beans grow and thrive under ideal climatic conditions in the remote heights of the Peruvian Andes. Pampered by the sun, the high-quality beans grow here in the purest organic quality. Their handpicked harvest and special, gentle processing produce a coffee preciousness that gives special moments every day.

A requirement for really good coffee is a high-quality green coffee: Coffea Arabica

Coffea Arabica, or mountain coffee, is the highest quality type of coffee. The original plant grows up to 12m high. The coffee cherries, the mostly red colored stone fruits, are formed from their white flowers. It was discovered in the Ethiopian highlands in the 7th century and has been cultivated as food ever since. Today, Coffea Arabica is grown on plantations in most tropical countries for export purposes. In contrast to the more heat-resistant and faster-growing coffee variety Robusta, Arabica is characterized by its noble taste and lower caffeine content.


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