Brushed Steel The Barista Pro Pitcher 620 ml

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Milk Pitcher Jug

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Dhan Tamang is a 6x latte art champion, WLAC finalist and author of Coffee Art. Masters of milk will already know his story. He’s amassed over 70,000 followers on Instagram by sharing his captivating latte art designs and helps us all improve our technique with easy-to-follow tutorials.

What you might not know is that until very recently, Dhan Tamang was having to edit and adapt milk jugs for himself… in his own kitchen.

When we got wind of this, we thought how could such a master of milk not have a go-to milk pitcher? We looked at Dhan’s jug, it was pretty cool. So we took it (with his consent). At the Barista & Co HQ we 3D scanned the milk pitcher and went to work designing and creating something that Dhan could win yet another latte art championship with.

 Introducing the Barista Pro Pitcher. Made to the exact specifications of Dhan’s hand adapted milk jugs, is made from high-grade surgical steel. To keep authenticity, every pitcher is made by hand with a steel press.

 Working with Dhan Tamang, we designed an ergonomic handle that assists with accuracy. It’s aligned perfectly to the unique pouring spout, with a guaranteed 0.1mm accuracy. Finally, we’re using high-grade steel with is durable and dishwasher safe.

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