ORGANIC Espresso PachaMama

A head for heights is required for Machu Picchu. After all, this ruined city of the Incas lies at 2,450 meters and is one of the seven wonders of the world. Our Pacha Mama doesn't grow quite as high, but just as dizzying and wonderful. Find out more about the climate-neutral organic espresso in our blog.

In an ideal climate, the small farmers produce their particularly high-quality coffee. They market it directly. We are happy to support this and benefit from the exquisite quality.

ORGANIC Espresso PachaMama from Peru

This delicious organic espresso smells of almonds and cocoa. It is pleasantly strong and yet very balanced. The fine-spicy taste harmonises wonderfully with the exquisite acidity.

BIO Espresso PachaMama - Asociación de Agricultores Grano de Oro Miguel Grau

In 2011, 50 coffee farmers founded the "Asociación de Agricultores Grano de Oro Miguel Grau" in Peru . At the time, they left the larger La Florida cooperative because they didn't want to mix their organic coffee with the inferior beans.

The newly formed organization is located at a privileged altitude and can now produce top quality coffees. We buy PachaMama directly, i.e. not through the stock exchange and various intermediaries. The coffee farmers produce it in a socially responsible manner and grow it organically. The plantations and the finceros are regularly visited. Communication and local presence are important for long-term relationships. Likewise training and education of the coffee farmers.

Torment mill PachaMama and direct trade

A coffee tree takes about 3 years to produce its first crop. The necessary expertise , optimal climate, patience and care are necessary to finally achieve a good harvest. There is a lot of work, capital, love and time in the coffee bushes. In order for the farmers to be able to plan for the long term, it is very important to offer fair trade. The aim of the project at PachaMama is to enable coffee farmers in Peru to have a better life.

The torture mill ensures the farmers a stable income and thus education and health. The farmers receive the money directly, but we expect high-quality coffee from healthy and naturally fertilized plants in return. So PachaMama coffee comes to us via the shortest trade route, “straight from the farm” so to speak.

We pay the coffee farmers a price that is higher than the normal world market price. Also above the " fair trade price". The smallholders therefore have more money to live on. Every contract that is concluded with the farmers can be tracked. We document the supported projects precisely. In this way we can make a contribution to transparency .

With your coffee purchase you support a great coffee project.

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Organic Coffee
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Fine fruits, caramel, vanilla
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Whole Bean
Caffeinated Coffee
Rather strong
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