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Filter coffee is experiencing a new boom. Various new ways of brewing filter coffee and specially roasted coffee pave the way for a new, exciting coffee experience.
Here you can find out everything there is to know about filter coffee and why it is worth "filtering".
From the bean to the cup: Which roasts are best suited for preparation in the filter?
The right preparation: whether with the machine or the hand filter - what do you have to consider for a perfect cup of coffee?
Filter coffee 2.0: from Hario to Kalita to the AeroPress - how do the modern methods of preparation work and how do they affect the taste of the coffee?
In addition to detailed tips on how to prepare filter coffee by hand, you will find valuable machine descriptions and information on maintenance and care. Whether filter newbie or advanced "homebrewer" - the book for all coffee drinkers who appreciate a delicious cup of coffee. Johanna Wechselberger Has been committed to better coffee quality and perfect extraction for many years. Her interest in coffee awoke in 1996 with her own roasting experiments and repairing old coffee machines and led to setting up her own coffee bar at Vienna's Naschmarkt and co-founding the Vienna School of Coffee. Today she is one of three Master Baristi worldwide, barista trainer, brewmaster, certifier, and consultant for restaurateurs authorized by the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe).

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The filter coffee handbook

For all coffee drinkers who appreciate a delicious cup of coffee

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