Coffee Books

Whether it’s a creamy cappuccino, espresso, a mild latte macchiato, or a classic filter coffee – coffee drinkers are united by a love of hot beverages that can sweeten the day or day. While pure enjoyment is “enough” for some, for many others, the fun lies in preparing, trying, testing, and informing.

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When it comes to coffee, in addition to trial packages, barista classes, and other ways to broaden your horizons, books on the subject are particularly popular – not just as ideas for gifts, but as gifts for yourself, learning about the history of coffee, discovering new things, optimize preparation methods or be inspired by creative recipes.

For connoisseurs and explorers, for beginners and professional baristas

Whether you are an occasional coffee hospitable, a barista in a café, or just interested in everything to do with Germany’s most popular hot drink – the literature worth reading provides you with exciting knowledge from every level of the finder to expert and determine one or the other of all the facts about the coffee bean, its refinement, preparation variants and more.

Coffee books offer a wide variety of topics

The world of coffee is huge. That’s why you never stop learning the subject. Even the best baristas with decades of experience are constantly learning new things and expanding their knowledge day in and day out. Even with the books from the Cafendo range, it’s guaranteed not to be boring! Top-notch information, exciting background, and fun facts can be found on nearly every subject imaginable, making reading a real pleasure.

High-quality coffee is still grown in Ethiopia today. This is another interesting area of the coffee world: growing areas. The coffee plant is now grown in countless countries on several continents. The region, climate, soil, size and type of plantation, and last but not least, the experience and working methods of coffee farmers, all contribute to the unique characteristics of coffee beans from different origins. James Hoffmann’s Gräfe und Unzer Verlag’s “Coffee Atlas” demonstrates this diversity using detailed maps and informative pictures, scrutinizing coffee production in more than 30 countries and presenting the knowledge gathered as an It’s a way of summarizing in a work that is clear and easy to understand for everyone. Read this more than a coffee book and become a growing zone expert!

And “cultivation” is the right keyword, because, in addition to geography, the way a plant is cultivated and processed also has a big impact on the later flavor. The production of green coffee beans, which are then refined by roasters, involves several steps from harvesting, fermentation, and drying to packaging and shipping.

As mentioned before, after green coffee beans are produced, they are roasted. Do you know what makes a long roller bake so special? Cafendo’s informative books cover this and many other topics, such as roasting temperature and duration, grading of different roast levels, or blends of beans from different plantations.

A frequently discussed topic is choosing the (supposedly) correct bean type. Arabica, Robusta, or a delicious blend of Arabica and Robusta parts? And what is the ratio? What is the difference between these two breeds? Or do you prefer Kopi Luwak? The answers to these questions, in turn, are provided by a selection of coffee books. Well-founded research and experience, clear summaries and preparation, impart more knowledge than browsing the internet, and certainly more fun.

Preparation tips to try

The helpful preparation tips included in many books are ideal for those who prefer to do their own thing. No matter the technology, be it a French press, an espresso machine, an Italian mobile filter, or a Philharmonic press – with practical guidance, delicious and aromatic coffee creations are as successful as magic. You can optimize existing preparation methods as well as try and discover new variants. For those of you who want to know about the quality of your coffee machine, author Johanna Wechselberger gives you the right way in her book “Using an Espresso Machine Correctly”, published by Braumüller Verlag, including tips and tricks for handling like a real barista.

Coffee volume, grind level, water temperature, and brew time are just a few key data that need to be optimally coordinated with most preparation methods in order to create a great coffee drink with the right technique and bring out the various aromas from the used coffee.

Holding a real book in your hand is increasingly becoming a rare experience that accompanies books about coffee. Most importantly, they are the perfect complement for every coffee drinker, lover, and aficionado. Covering a wide range of topics, from production and growing to roast and preparation to the latest ‘coffee’ trends, the work of seasoned authors inspires with entertaining information that is fun, exciting, engaging, useful, and worth discovering anyway! Learn more about coffee for yourself, or give one of the coffee books to a friend or family member who is interested in coffee! So in no time, you have a unique gift to discover new things about the world of coffee together.