COLD DRIP Hario Clear

The Cold drip Hario Clear, has a unique appearance reminiscent of distillation stills and manages to fascinate and conquer customers. Obviously, the bartender, with a slow extraction carried out in front of the customer, has time to tell and explain the secrets of this method that allows you to prepare a drink without any acidity and with excellent sweetness thanks to the temperature of the water that does not extract the bitter substances from the coffee.

How do you prepare a coffee with Cold Drip?

  • Place the carafe in the lower part of the column,
  • In the central part, we insert the glass cylinder where we insert the metal filter, the ground coffee with a medium-large grain size
  • Which coffee to use? Definitely an Arabica coffee with filter roasting.
  • We insert the round paper filter over the coffee that we will need to distribute the water evenly on the coffee panel and avoid channeling
  • We put the water (and possibly some ice) in the upper part using a brew ratio of 80gr / l (at least at the start, then we can also experiment with other recipes!) And start the extraction by adjusting the tap with about 6 drops of water every 10 seconds and as the water level drops in the tank we will have to be careful and therefore it will have less pressure we will have to be ready to adjust the speed accordingly.
  • At this point, we just have to wait for all the drinks to be filtered into the jug and after about 6/8 hours. Enjoy!

Material: glass, plastic

Metallic filter: steel

Dimensions : 15cm wide, 12.9cm deep, 45.5cm high

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beautiful and scenographic Cold Drip column certainly does not go unnoticed by customers who are fascinated by seeing this extraction and very often let themselves be conquered by a cold, thirst-quenching drink and if prepared correctly, sweet and aromatic.

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