Use your leftover coffee – here are 4 delicious coffee recipes


Good taste and consideration can easily go hand in hand. It’s about using everything up. Save your coffee grounds and use them in both savory and sweet cuisine. Our 4 use-up tips show you how to make the coffee service more sustainable – from coffee-infused beer bread to spring sandwiches via small, delicious snack bites with lots of superfoods.  

1. Beer bread with coffee 

Day-old rye bread is soaked overnight in coffee and white beer. Boil and season with brown sugar, orange juice, or juice and a pinch of salt. Arranged with a top of vanilla cream, grated chocolate, and pomegranate seeds. We promise that it is filling and can be served as part of a brunch! 

2. Greek salad with feta and coffee-boiled beluga lentils 

The black beluga lentils are thoroughly rinsed in water and boiled in coffee with added salt. They should cook for approx. 25 minutes. The lentils are cooled and tossed in a Greek salad of semi-dried tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, olives, feta, fresh oregano, and lemon oil. 

3. Green bean stew flavored with some leftover coffee 

Green bean casserole with fresh coriander, spinach, and naan bread. For example, if you have a drive-in-to-go, today’s vegetarian dish can consist of lots of boiled spring vegetables, flavored with chili, garlic, cayenne, peeled tomatoes, and a coffee residue. Add pre-cooked kidney beans and butterbeans to give the dish lots of “green proteins”. Season to taste and serve with fresh coriander, spinach, and naan bread. 

4. RAW-Spelt-Bites with freeze-dried lingonberries 

Knead the RAW-Spelt-Bites well and collect them with the rest of the coffee. You can make raw bites from spelled flakes, pumpkin seeds, cashews, dark apricots, prunes, cocoa powder, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. It is chopped in a food processor and combined into a smooth mass with coffee. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours and shape into balls. Drizzle or sprinkle with freeze-dried lingonberries. Sweet in a good way and full of superfoods!