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The farm near the town of Serenje, run by Roy Bennett and his family, grows 60 hectares of coffee. Temperatures here are slightly lower than the rest of Zambia, while rainfall is higher, averaging 1,500mm per year. The coffee plants are supplied with nutrients in an environmentally friendly way by mulching, using the grass and tree clippings that are produced. This also protects the soil from degradation caused by wind and rain and from drying out. In addition to coffee, Kachipapa Farm produces macadamia nuts as a catch crop.

The farm places great emphasis on improving the quality of life for its employees and the local community. Many new houses have been built in recent years for the farm’s permanent staff, fully equipped with sanitation and new plumbing installed to provide clean water to the community.

In addition, the local school received funding for hiring teachers. The community receives medical help (including funds for malaria prophylaxis). Some coffee plants come from the Kenya variety SL28 and bring a corresponding aroma quality. The SL28 variety, the careful cultivation in combination with natural factors such as the altitude result in an excellent coffee. Fruity-fresh notes of cola, mint and rhubarb meet a creamy body and result in a wonderfully harmonious, lively coffee.

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