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Origin: ThailandRegion: Doi Pangkon, Chiang RaiProducers: Merlaeku Family x BeanspireExporter: Beanspire CoffeeMASL: 1250-1450Variety: Catuai, Typica, Chiang Mai, SJ133Process: Kenya-style washed

We’re excited to be working with Beanspire coffee in Thailand for our second year. Founded in 2014 by Fuadi Pitsuan and Jane Kittiratanapoiboon, and they work primarily with farmers in the northern regions of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai–the latter in which Doi Pangkhon is located. The area has 300 farmer households that produce 1-2 tons of green coffee in parchment. Previously, Beanspire worked with each individual farmer on their wet processing station and purchased green coffee in parchment before hulling and sorting. Since investing in a wet mill in 2017, Beanspire has been able to have more control over coffee processing since they now purchase coffee cherries. The wet mill has been operated by five brothers of the Marlaeku family, who are a part of the local Ahka Hilltribe minority and are producing partners of Beanspire. Over the years, Beanspire has added a roof over the wet mill, more depulpers to improve workflow, an electricity generator, and a cupping lab for the farmers. They also leased new space in the lowland and laid concrete flooring for additional drying space.This coffee goes through a double fermentation washed process that is widespread in Kenya for its ability to produce coffees with vibrant acidity and bright, clear flavors. At Doi Pangkhon, coffee cherries are depulped and fermented in their wet parchment for 48 hours before they add water and let it ferment for another 6 hours. Afterwards, the parchment is cleaned, and is left to soak in clean water for another 4 hours. The coffees are then placed in raised drying beds for two weeks before being moved to the lowerland to complete drying. 

This is a smooth sailing coffee with a little bite; its citric notes remind us of tangelo, it has a juicy but syrupy body akin to fresh coconut water, and a rounded, silky finish that makes us feel like we’re eating a papaya!

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