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The Attikan Estate is located in the Biligiri Rangan Mountains (Karnataka) in Southwest India. Some of the best coffees on the Indian subcontinent come from here. The Biligiri Rangan Mountains are also known as the “White Mountains” – their peaks are shrouded in mist for most of the year. The Attikan Estate has a long history: In 1887 Scot Randolf Morris founded the farm. He ran away from home at the age of 18 and initially earned his living on a ship. When this reached India he stayed there forever. The estate has many large mature trees: silver oak, fig, citrus, and others.

Various offers are made to the employees on the estate, such as childcare, a medical care station, and lounges. Due to the slow maturation, the coffee is very well suited for espresso roasting. The result is nutty-sweet single-origin espresso with a good body.

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