Caffelab KENYA AA Kiamwangi

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A coffee grown in the highlands of the Nyeri region in Kenya. with intense fruity and floral notes.

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A coffee with an excellent olfactory intensity rich in fragrances ranging from jasmine to fresh citrus fruits. In the cup hints of Cedar, Ripe Lemon, and Candied Ginger, aromas accompanied by the sweetness of White Grapes.

On the scenic Kenyan highlands, straddling the equator, coffee is harvested during the winter. Numerous families of small producers, associated with various agricultural cooperatives, harvest the ripe coffee cherries, by hand, and resell them at the Kiamwangi processing station. 

The most common varieties are the Bourbon SL hybrids, these are tolerant to the prolonged droughts that occasionally affect these regions, have a limited production capacity but an exceptional aromatic potential, especially if grown at altitude. 

Entirely processed by hand with freshwater, the batches are stripped, left to ferment, and subsequently washed for at least 24 hours. Drying reaches 10 days and ends when the relative humidity of the grain reaches 12%.

When tested according to the SCA protocol, this unique lot obtained a score of 87 points.

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